• Being green

    Green by name . . .

    . . . green by nature? Well actually yes we do try to be. I think most families ‘try’ to do their bit now as we have all begun to realise the importance of being ‘green’. BritMums and British Gas are currently having a conversation about how we can all help to do our bit […]

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  • Hands

    Boots Anti Viral Hand Foam with Byotrol

    Any parent will know that one of the most important things you can carry in your changing bag/handbag is a hand sanitizer because children will touch anything and everything,  they don’t worry whether it’s clean or not. Even as adults it is important to keep your hands free from germs especially when it comes to […]

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  • michaela strachan

    Kenco, Michaela Strachan and Glass Animals?

    Would I like to interview Michaela Strachan? That was a question I was asked last week!! Really? Me? I used to watch Michaela Strachan when I was a child and now you want me to ask her some questions? Kenco, Michaela and Chris Kenco have recently launched a new-look coffee jar which uses 7% less […]

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