• #Karchercleansbritain - Get your entries in and get voting! 1

    #Karchercleansbritain – Get your entries in and get voting!

    As a Karcher Clean Ambassador I am excited to be able to tell you about their latest campaign which launches on the back of research that reveals one in five Brits are ‘ashamed’ of where they live. That’s why throughout the summer of sport, Karcher have teamed up with Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell to […]

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  • Karcher WV60

    Karcher Window Vac WV60 Review

    When you have young children, you can say goodbye to clean windows . . . Now we do pay for a window cleaner to come once a month and clean the outside but it always seems pretty futile given that Jelly Bean, Beanie Boy and even Little Bean will be doing the above demonstration to […]

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  • Karcher Pressure Washer

    Outdoor cleaning with Karcher

    This is possibly the first time that I have received a product to review which Hubby and I have fought over who gets to use it first! I first used a Karcher Pressure Washer about 7 years ago at our previous house and I thought it was magic. At the time we lived in a […]

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  • Getting the Better of Spring Cleaning 2

    Getting the Better of Spring Cleaning

    Before even considering a spring clean around the house, there are loads of other jobs that you need to take care of first. With kids running around the house messing the place up as they go along, you often wonder whether there’s even much point (there is!). But a clean home is a happy home […]

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  • Our messy play experiment to test Vanish Oxi-Action 4

    Our messy play experiment to test Vanish Oxi-Action

    If you’re anything like me then you’ll watch TV advertisements with a slightly sceptical mind, especially when it comes to the ads for stain removal products which claim to remove anything and everything. So when we were sent Vanish Oxi-Action Stain Removal products to try we decided to enlist the help of the children to […]

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