• Vosene – The New Range

    There’s a new range of Shampoos and Conditioners on the block that you might just want to look out for, you can’t miss them because they have these rather snazzy looking tear shaped bottles which mean you will be able to squeeze every last drop out. Vosene have been looking after our families hair and […]

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  • Allergy Week: A clean house is a method house! 1

    Allergy Week: A clean house is a method house!

    If you have allergy sufferers in your house then you know that you need to keep it clean to make their lives a little easier. Well let me tell you, a clean house is a method house! method have some powerful new formulas with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients which are naturally derived from plants to tackle […]

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  • Regis Designline keeping my locks lovely . . .

    You may remember before Christmas I was treated to some very rare ‘me’ time at my local Regis Salon where I had my hair cut and coloured. To spend a good few hours in a salon with no children to keep an eye on was a very relaxing experience and it actually gave me the […]

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  • Hands

    Boots Anti Viral Hand Foam with Byotrol

    Any parent will know that one of the most important things you can carry in your changing bag/handbag is a hand sanitizer because children will touch anything and everything,  they don’t worry whether it’s clean or not. Even as adults it is important to keep your hands free from germs especially when it comes to […]

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  • Samsung Navibot Silencio 2

    Samsung Navibot Silencio

    When I received an email offering the opportunity to review a ‘robotic hoover’ I thought it was a hoax, I am ashamed to say I’d never even heard of a robotic hoover I thought they were just in futuristic films not real life. Of course once I realised that it wasn’t a hoax I chewed […]

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  • Let the fun begin with Matey this Christmas! 3

    Let the fun begin with Matey this Christmas!

    There aren’t many children that I know of that don’t like bathtime, the only thing that our children don’t like about bathtime is the bit where we pull the plug and tell them its time to get out! Matey have been around for years, I’m sure I saw a bottle of Matey next to the […]

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