• British Gas Smart Meters

    In life, there are good and bad surprises. I like good surprises, Hubby coming home with a bunch of flowers (hint hint) or a special night out. I don’t like bad surprises like hefty energy bills that eat up all your savings. It’s easily done during winter as the nights draw in, lights come on […]

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  • Being green

    Green by name . . .

    . . . green by nature? Well actually yes we do try to be. I think most families ‘try’ to do their bit now as we have all begun to realise the importance of being ‘green’. BritMums and British Gas are currently having a conversation about how we can all help to do our bit […]

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  • michaela strachan

    Kenco, Michaela Strachan and Glass Animals?

    Would I like to interview Michaela Strachan? That was a question I was asked last week!! Really? Me? I used to watch Michaela Strachan when I was a child and now you want me to ask her some questions? Kenco, Michaela and Chris Kenco have recently launched a new-look coffee jar which uses 7% less […]

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