• Help save the world

    How You Can Help Save The World

    No matter which way we turn nowadays, we are faced with the saddening truth that our planet is more in need of help than ever before. Whether we are on social media or watching the evening news, it is abundantly clear that we need to make changes to so many things that we do, and […]

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  • Lower your monthly bills

    7 Ways To Lower Your Monthly Bills

    Want to spend less each month on household expenses? Here are just seven ways to lower your monthly bills. Cancel unwanted subscriptions Many of us sign up to streaming services, gyms and clubs without getting the most of these subscriptions. This can result in wasted money each month. Be honest about which services you actively […]

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  • Standby

    5 Tips For Saving Electricity With Your Kids

    Teaching your kids life lessons is not always the easiest thing to do. It seems to be even harder when the consequences of the lessons don’t directly affect them or conflict with their interests. Far too often that’s how it feels when it comes time to discuss the importance of saving energy.    It can […]

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  • Gardening with children

    Garden education for your children

    It can be a task in itself to get your kids outside and away from all that technology indoors. But you don’t need to go far with them to have some fresh air — there are so many opportunities for fun and learning within your own back garden! Development in the early years For very […]

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  • Wedding

    Planning the Perfect Eco-Friendly Wedding

    Wedding planning can be extremely stressful but there are hundreds of checklists and guides that are usually available to help. However, it can be harder when you’re looking to plan an eco-friendly wedding. While it’s possible some people may find it more difficult as there are various things that they will need to look at […]

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  • LED Lighting

    Switch to LED Lighting to Enhance your Home and Save Money

    In any home, getting the lighting right is essential. A room that is poorly lit can feel dark and dingy, making the overall ambience feel quite oppressive. Badly lit rooms never look chic. So, next time you redecorate, it is worth incorporating some modern LED lighting into your design. Doing so makes it far easier […]

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