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HIPP Organic Review

Regular readers of my blog will know that food has been a constant battle ground with me and Little Bean.  She didn’t take purees until 10 months old and didn’t eat her first real “solid” food until 14 months.  Even now she is STILL extremely awkward and eats a very limited diet so when I was offered the opportunity to review items of food for HIPP Organic I was dubious as to how they would be received by her.

We were sent the following snacks to try:-

Organic Apple Rice Cakes – Stage 2 suitable from 7 months – Little Bean used to love these when she was about 12 months old and used to eat all flavours but got bored of them and so I stopped buying them.  It turns out she has had a long enough break because she could eat them fast enough when we were sent this packet. 





Organic Tomato & Sweet Red Pepper Rice Cakes – Stage 2 suitable from 7 months – this is a flavour that I would never have contemplated buying but how wrong can you be!  Little Bean loved these, dare I say even more than the Apple ones! 





Organic Crispy Biscottes – Stage 3 suitable from 10 months – these have been a winner, one of the suggestions is to serve this light and crispy snack with their fruit purees (which Little Bean still loves) so this is what I have been doing and she loves them.  Snacks are a part of the day that we always have problems with because she just wants to eat a biscuit or worse still, chocolate – which I don’t give into often but this is a much healthier snack so I’m happy.




Organic Elephant Biscuits – Stage 3 suitable from 10 months – these were the packet which I instinctively went to first as I thought they would be her favourites (she loves biscuits) but unfortunately she didn’t take to them.  I tried one myself and they were a little bit on the crunchy side.  I would recommend these if you have a teething child as it might be nice from them to gnaw on when their gums are hurting.  To me they tasted nice enough – they just weren’t to Little Bean’s liking!




HIPP Organic recently carried out a nationwide survey of Mums at different stages of motherhood – pregnancy, newborn, weaning and toddler with some very interesting finds.  But I particularly felt drawn to the statistic that 30% of HIPP mums worried about getting the nutrition right for their little ones – having a fussy eater I would look on with pangs of jealousy watching my friends feeding their children anything and everything whilst my daughter refused almost everything that I put in front of her.  When I was pregnant I made the decision that I would be making all food for my baby myself when weaning came but I wasn’t prepared for my daughter’s reaction to food and was shocked to find myself staring at rows of jars of baby food in the supermarket.  Thank goodness I did, because this was what started her off on eating new foods other than yoghurt!  HIPP organic have a fabulous range of jars and I felt happy to know that it was all “good” food that I was giving her, even if I couldn’t cook it myself (my cooking really isn’t that bad!).

One of the other statistics which I found surprising with was that only 23% of Mums said that Dad’s main role is fun and entertainment with a further 20% saying that Dad was the master-bather!  Of all of my friends from a group of about 8 Mums, only two of them would have disagreed with that.  In our house Daddy is the court jester and master of giggles and as for bath time – Mummy isn’t allowed near – strictly Daddy only by order of the toddler!

To find out more information about HIPP Organics range of products, for helpful advice and to read the results of their survey check out their Facebook page or the HIPP Baby Club.

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