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Have you tried Vaseline 2-in-1 Hand Cream with Anti-Bac?

We are a very outdoor family, providing it’s not too grotty outside we will try to get out and about as much as possible. We also try to encourage our children to explore and not worry too much about getting dirty, if they want to play in the mud, then they can. If they want to pick up stones or climb trees then they can, but the one thing that we do insist on is washing their hands before they come back in the house and before meal-times.

Likewise when it comes to my own hands, I always ensure that my hands are clean and fresh before eating and since we are often out and about, you don’t always have a sink with soap and water close by and so in recent years we have turned to many of the anti-bacterial hand cleaners that are available to ensure that our hands are as clean as possible. There has always been one thing that I have not particularly liked about these though, and that is how drying they can be on your hands and some of them don’t smell the sweetest either. Recently I have discovered Vaseline 2-in-1 Hand Cream with Anti-Bac which is the perfect solution.

Vaseline 2-in-1 contains five essential moisturisers; Glycerin, Potassium Lactate, Sodium PCA, Urea and Collagen Amino acids plus sanitising germ protection. Its smells lovely and is a refreshing non-greasy formula which is absorbed quickly leaving your hands silky smooth, soft and germ free. At £3.29 for 75ml it is slightly more expensive than some hand sanitizers but then again, they aren’t a moisturising hand cream too.

I don’t know about you but Vaseline has been a staple name in our bathroom cabinet and my make-up bag for as long as I can remember BUT I didn’t know that it could be used for so many different things, let me enlighten you and see how many of these you DIDN’T know about already.

1. Lip Balm – apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to soften and smooth the appearance of lips

2. Rough Lips – apply to dry or rough lips to smooth and lock in moisture to help skin repair itself

3. Lip Gloss – gives lips a glossy, shiny look 4. Lip exfoliant – rub Vaseline PJ over lips and then use an old toothbrush to scrub away dry skin, to leave lips feeling smooth and soft
5. Body moisturiser – apply to dry patches on your body 6. Smooth elbows – use to soften the hardened skin around the elbows
7. moisturises the skin and prevents knees from looking and feeling dry 8. Hand moisturiser – apply Vaseline to your hands, then put on a pair of gloves and allow moisture to soak into the skin overnight
9. Shaving – spread an extremely thin layer over the area that requires shaving to help the razor glide over your skin easily 10. Dry fingers – protects and locks in moisture into the skin around the finger nails
11. Extra protection – for dry hands especially around the joints and knuckles 12. Perfect cuticles – makes cuticles softer and smoother after daily application of Vaseline
13. Before a manicure – apply to cuticles to soften the skin and enable them to be pushed back 14. Protects a manicure – put Vaseline PJ around the base of the nail to stop nail polish staining the skin
15. Brightens faded nail polish – rub over old nail varnish to make it look new again 16. Foot moisturiser – apply all over before putting on bed socks for smooth feet and toenails
17. After a bath – the best time to use a moisturiser that can lock in the extra moisture from your soak! 18. Eye makeup remover – heavy-duty mascara and eyeliner glides away when wiped with Vaseline PJ and cotton wool
19. A great cleanser – apply a little on some cotton wool and use to clean your neck and the backs of your ears 20. Homemade body scrub – mix sea salt and Vaseline together
21. Night face cream – a beauty secret of Marilyn Monroe; rub Vaseline all over the face before bedtime 22. Night eye cream – warm a small amount of Vaseline in the palm of your hands and dab under the eye area before bed
23. Rough hands – to keep hands from looking dry, massage Vaseline into the skin 24. After shaving – apply to freshly shaved legs. It won’t sting and also provides a protective barrier.
25. Cheeky highlighter – apply to the apple of cheeks for an instant glow 26. Cream blusher – mix a little Vaseline with lipstick to make a unique cream blusher
27. Homemade lip gloss – mix the powder of your favourite pale eyeshadow with Vaseline to make a new shimmering lip gloss 28. Base for eyeshadow – smooth a thin layer over eyelids before applying eye shadow, making the colour look glossy and more evenly spread
29. Homemade eyeshadow – use a touch of Vaseline with different eyeshadows to create an entirely new pigment 30. Eye makeup primer – use as a makeup base to create an eyeshadow, also reducing the risk of powder spreading onto the face
31. Makeup highlighter – apply just beneath the brow bone for a dewy look that shimmers and catches the light 32. Makeup enhancer – smooth a thin layer of Vaseline over a full face of makeup for a nice finish and subtle glow
33. Mascara alternative – apply to eyelashes for a dewy, wet defined look 34. Protecting your eyelashes – apply to lashes before bed for a safe way to condition your eyelashes.
35. Sealing split ends – gives hair with split ends a healthy look, rub into the ends for instant moisture. 36. Separating eyelashes – use to avoid eyelashes clumping together
37. Taming eyebrows – apply a very small amount to unruly eyebrow hairs 38. Moisturise eyebrows – a small amount can be applied to the eyebrow area just before bed to soften the hairs and mould them into place for your preferred look
39. Making perfume scent last longer – rub a thin layer of Vaseline to pulse points to encourage the fragrance to last longer 40. Hair dye stains – smooth Vaseline around the hairline before applying hair dye to avoid chemicals touching and staining the skin
41. Protect eyebrows from fake tan – wipe over eyebrows before applying fake tan 42. Protect nails from fake tan – coat nails with Vaseline to avoid yellow stains
43. Protect eyes from eyelash dye – rub over closed eye area to avoid the eyelash dye touching and staining the skin 44. Removing false eyelashes – use on a cotton but along the lash line to remove sticky eyelash glue
45. Before flying – use generously all over the body before going on a plane to combat dry skin patches 46. Prevent uneven tan lines – rub into dry patches on the body before applying fake tan
47. Prevent lipstick stained teeth – rub over teeth before applying lipstick 48. Bright teeth – use to make teeth look shiny
49. Stops lips sticking to teeth – coat teeth with a thin layer of Vaseline PJ to allow for hours of smiling 50. Hair conditioner – moisturises dry hair and adds lustre
51. Head massage – use as massage oil for dry/fluffy/dandruff prone hair; Vaseline encourages the distribution of natural oils and makes the scalp feel alive 52. Soothe a dry scalp – a small amount can be used to moisturise and condition a dry scalp before hair washing
53. Hair gel – can be used to stick down fly away hairs 54. Shaping a bob – give definition to a particular style by smoothing off the ends and pulling the hairs into shape
55. Making waves – hair which is being styled in waves can benefit from a small amount of Vaseline to hold the style in place 56. Choppy hair – smear a small amount into hands before scrunching through hair for a choppy, edgy look
57. Silky eyelashes – apply a little Vaseline on an eyelash brush and leave on 58. Dab on cheeks – to help glitter stay in place
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