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Have a ‘Mum’s night off’ with Casa Di Mama

Don’t you just get fed up with cooking or having to think about what to cook sometimes? Do you give yourself a night off and have a lazy night where you just pop a pizza in the oven or order a takeout? Well now you can have a pizza which tastes so fresh your family won’t believe you didn’t make it yourself (well unless you’re usually hopeless in the kitchen!!). Casa Di Mama from Dr. Oetker provides the perfect reason to have a night off. We tried the Quattro Formaggi and it was delicious, we were instantly transported back to memories of our Italian honeymoon it tasted so good. Even Beanie Boy tried some and loved it too, although we couldn’t quite encourage Little Bean to take a step into the unknown and try a new food.

The Casa di Mama pizza range boasts three different varieties; all with a fresh dough base that bakes in the oven, making it crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. It tastes fresher than any pizza offered in the chilled aisle and comes in two delicious flavours: Diavola and Quattro Formaggi– a variety to please everyone.

Once you’ve tasted the fresh dough that rises for the first time when baked in the oven, you’ll never look back. Plus, mealtimes have become even easier with Casa Di Mama, having teamed up with The How to Cook in High Heels girls Korin Nolan (from Channel FIVE’s The Wright Stuff) and Sasha Parker (who won Coleen’s Real Women), to create some healthy and delicious recipes to accompany the fresh-dough pizza – perfect for quick and easy meals!


Two delicious accompaniments that kids love! The fruity coleslaw is a great way to sneak some extra fruit and veg into children’s diets. All kids love sweet food and the apple and grapes give this a subtle sweet flavour that tastes fresh and light.


This is a substantial side dish which goes perfectly with the Diavola Casa di Mama pizza. It is just as tasty cold the day after, so it could be prepared the day before if you had more time.


This is a new version of potato wedges that kids love! This recipe includes a mixture of white potatoes and sweet potatoes, which are a great source of vitamin and minerals.

Full recipes and more information about Casa di Mama can be found on the new website, www.casadimama.co.uk<http://www.casadimama.co.uk/>

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