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Gumigem for my Gummy Gem!

Being a second time Mum you’d think I would know all the tricks for coping with a teething baby but you’d be wrong!  I was so lucky with Little Bean as she never complained with any of her teeth, she would just go to bed one night without a tooth and the next day it would be twinkling back at me like it had always been there.  But for poor little Beanie Boy, teething is being a real PAIN!  He has his first four teeth coming through all at once and is suffering. 

imageJenny McLaughlin has come to my rescue by sending me two Gumigems to review after I saw them at The Baby Show in Birmingham.  Hey, if they’re good enough for Denise Van Outen and baby Betsy, then they’re good enough for me and Beanie Boy!

I received the Mystique Heart Pendant and the imageWhite Lightning Pendant, I immediately donned the White Lightning as it matched my outfit perfectly and waited to see what Beanie Boy’s reaction would be.  I knew that he would be intrigued by it as I have had to stop wearing necklaces due to the fact that he is always putting them in his mouth.  This way I could look stylish and not worry about his chewing on my necklace. 

Understandably Beanie Boy has been quite upset by his teeth and has been wanting lots of extra cuddles from Mummy.  Normally I might resort to letting him chew on my knuckle or offering him a teether which he normally ends up dropping but having a cuddle with my Gumigem around my neck has been perfect as the pendant is right there and he can’t drop it.  Its the perfect way to soothe him and he has even fallen asleep in my arms whilst chewing on it.  My only complaint is I don’t have enough to match all my clothes so I may have to invest in a few more until all his teeth have come through!!

The pendants are made from a similar material to most baby teethers and meets all FDA standards.  They are BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free so you will know that your baby can chew safely.  The pendants are on a long cord so that baby can reach and they have a breakaway clasp for safety and comfort.  Gumigems can withstand high temperatures which means they can be sterilised or placed in a dishwasher.  Currently there are only the two designs – hearts and lightning although they come in a variety of colours but they have more options coming soon.


If you’re a parent of a teething child, you should also check out their website as they have information on how to help soothe your little one.

Thank you Gumigem, my little man is very happy with your pendants and so am I!

Disclaimer: I received two pendants to review for the purpose of this post.  All words and opinions are my own.

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