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Gro Egg Room Thermometer and Shell (An Amazon Family Review)

As a blogger I often find myself wondering if there is a hidden camera in my house somewhere that tells a PR when something needs replacing because I often find that I get contacted just at the crucial moment. The most recent offering to the Mummy Matters household was a Gro Egg Room Thermometer and Shell from Amazon Family. Now this isn’t just any old Room Thermometer, oh no, this one doubles up as a nightlight which has seriously saved my bacon (and sanity) at bedtime with Beanie Boy. He just wouldn’t settle without one and so we had major bedtime meltdowns for a couple of nights when his nightlight stopped working (I found out the wire had snapped all but for one measly piece of copper!!! Eeeeek!!).

One thing that we have always had with our babies though is a Room Thermometer for peace of mind. The recommended temperature for your baby’s room is 18-21C and personally I think that feels freezing!! I prefer a really warm room but Hubby is the complete opposite, he would happily live in an igloo I am sure of it!

The genius of the Gro Egg Room Thermometer is that although it does have a digital display to tell you the temperature in your child’s room, you don’t actually have to get that close to know whether the room is the correct temperature or not because the Gro Egg glows different colours for a quick reference and a rather eye-catching nightlight too. Blue, unsurprisingly means the room is too cold, yellow means it is perfect, orange is a little on the warm side and red is scorchio *ahem* sorry I meant to say too hot!!!

Gro Egg Room Thermometer

As well as the Gro Egg we were also sent a Penguin Shell which slips over the Gro Egg to make it into a character nightlight and Beanie Boy really loves this, it’s super cute! The Gro Egg is so easy to operate it has a no-nonsense socket which plugs directly into the back of the egg and has no fiddly bits where the children can stick their fingers, and to switch on/off there is a button underneath which just clicks in and out. When Jelly Bean arrives he will be sharing a bedroom with his big brother Beanie Boy so the Penguin Gro Egg will move with them meaning I can make sure their room is kept at a safe temperature and it will also provide me with enough light for those night feeds which I have to get used to again!!

Now you’ll notice from the title of my post that this was an Amazon Family review. Although I have often used Amazon to look for ideas when buying and for reading reviews of products, I have tended to only buy books or music through Amazon for no other reason than I hadn’t really thought about buying anything else through them. Amazon Family is a new membership programme to help parents and families save time and money on their shopping.

Customers can sign up to today at www.amazon.co.uk/family and gain access to discounts on a wide range of family products as well as the following:

·Three months’ free subscription to Amazon Prime, giving unlimited One-Day Delivery on millions of eligible items

· £10 off their next purchase over £50 in the Baby Store, www.amazon.co.uk/baby

· Access to a host of exclusive launch deals including 40% off Plum baby food, 20% off their first subscription of Huggies nappies, a free Tommee Tippee nappy bin, 20% off children’s shoes, and many more

·Ongoing exclusive discounts and offers tailored to customers’ interests, delivered straight to their inbox, with savings of up to £50 each month which is well worth the joining fee!

If, like me, you are pregnant and/or have a young family then Amazon Family can be a great tool for you when it comes to saving those precious pennies meaning you can spend them on a few extra little treats for the family (or dare I say it, yourself!!).

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a Gro Egg Room Thermometer and Shell for the purpose of this post.

This work is all my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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