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Get your #kidsinthekitchen – Week 1 Activities

As the long summer holidays span out before us it can be a pretty daunting prospect trying to keep them entertained for such a long time and let’s face it, days out and about can cost a fortune so it pays to plan ahead and have a few tricks up your sleeves. Think about the things they do at school to teach them and entertain them for inspiration OR take a look at these ideas below. We were sent a fab box of goodies by fitted kitchen retailer Betta Living with ideas 20 activities which can be done in the kitchen for as little as 99p. Betta Living teamed up with Children’s Life Coach and author of ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’ – Naomi Richards who has provided expert comments on how the activities will add to your child’s development.


I shall share the activities with you one week at a time so you have some inspiration for that week and will Instagram our activities as and when we do them so you can check them out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see how we are going.

Ready? Here goes . . .


This is a game I am definitely looking forward to doing this with the Beans, they love memory games and I still remember playing this game at friends’ birthday parties when I was at primary school.



We have put up a playtent in the garden so I think this would be a great place for us to have our Teddy Bears picnic to add to the excitement.


My Beans LOVE growing plants and we have actually been talking about creating them their own little raised bed somewhere in the garden so that they can grow and care for their own plants. We have grown cress before and they loved how quickly they began to grow, it’s a perfect plant for small children as they don’t have to wait weeks and weeks for the results.


This is perhaps one activity that I will be less likely to do with the Beans since they aren’t fans of weetabix but we could do something similar with toast or plain biscuits.



Since they don’t need to ‘eat’ the Weetabix in this one then we shall be ok to play this one although we do have a set of Jenga so I might save myself the pennies on the Weetabix and just break out the Jenga instead.

Don’t forget to pop back next Sunday for more activity ideas . . .

DISCLAIMER: We received the above pictured items for the purpose of this post and to help me (and you) entertain the children over the summer holidays.



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