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Fun in the Big Top!


Just over a week ago whilst driving around town, Little Bean would keep announcing, “there’s a clown Mummy” and I would frantically scour the scope of my view in search of said clown.  Finally, I realised she had spotted the posters which had been plastered on lamp posts advertising the Russell’s International Circus in town.  When she saw the Big Top, she asked what it was for and I explained to her that it was the Circus where the clowns would put on a show with lots of other performers.  The big top was now renamed “the Clown House” by Little Bean.  Every time we drove past it Little Bean would ask if we were going to see the Clowns.  I wasn’t sure that she would really enjoy the Circus but she seemed so taken by the idea of going that I didn’t want to disappoint her, so last Wednesday when it was Curly’s night with us, Little Bean, Curly, my Mum and I headed off to be wowed in the Big Top and our evening did not disappoint!

When we arrived there were still some seats free at the front by the ringside so we grabbed them, thinking Little Bean would be able to see better but it quickly dawned on us that she wasn’t so keen on the idea.  What gave me that impression?  The fact that her arms were wrapped so tightly around my neck that I could barely breathe!!!  She told me that she was frightened and she wanted to sit at the back so off we headed to the tiered seats at the back and she was as happy as Larry.

The ‘show’ began and both Curly and Little Bean’s faces lit up with amazement.  At the end of each act Little Bean would say “ooh what else Mummy”.  We saw Miss Amanda on the silks and the trapeze, Khristian and Tibi the very strong men (with ahem, rather nice abs!!), fire breathers, a plate spinner in the form of Mario himself, a magician with Miss Lizzy who was a very glamorous assistant indeed and many more acts besides.  There was of course, the obligatory clown, Alex, who I was really pleased to see didn’t have an overly painted face (because they tend to scare the children) he just had a painted red nose and silly clothes, he was hilarious and definitely entertained the audience – Little Bean especially loved it when he either got slapped or fell in the bucket of water.

I personally thought the juggler was fantastic and was intrigued by his glowing balls (oo-er!!) which changed colour and looked brilliant.  Curly loved the music and given half the chance would have been in the ring dancing along to the banging beats, Little Bean really got into the swing of it and was clapping along with everyone else by the end and is still talking about “going to the show” nearly a week later so it definitely made an impression on her.

On this occasion I was a good girl and adhered to the rule of No Photography so unfortunately I can’t post any photos to show you how good it was, you’ll just have to go yourself and see!

Have you done anything fun recently with your little ones? If the Russell’s International Circus comes to a town near you I would definitely recommend it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. June 17, 2014 / 5:15 pm

    This is a lovely revue, and we do appreciate the time you have put into it, for your information, we will be back this year for just 2 days, on the John eve field from 24th and 25th June
    http://www.russellscircus.co.uk we would love you to come and do another revue xxx

    • June 17, 2014 / 9:48 pm

      You’re welcome, we really enjoyed our evening and would love to come back and see you again 🙂 xx

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