Fraud: How SAFE are you online?

Over £4.2 billion a year is lost by women aged 35-55 within the UK to scams such as online shopping, property investment and account takeover fraud. Because of this, Action Fraud have launched a nationwide campaign to help raise awareness and educate the public on how to stay safe.

They’re encouraging everyone to follow the SAFE message – designed to help those who feel they are lacking in defense.


Suspect anything or anyone you don’t know. No matter what or who they claim to be.

Ask questions. Whatever a fraudster tries, you have the power to stay in control

Find out for certain who you’re dealing with. Challenge anything that seems suspect

End situations that make you uncomfortable. If you feel threatened, contact the police


For more information visit: or check out their Facebook Application, which puts you and your friends at the heart of an undercover report:

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