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Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

My passion for cameras started when I was a very little girl and my mum bought me a little red Konica camera, I loved it!  It is one of the Christmas presents that still sticks in my mind, I even remember the little blue box that it came in.  I think Mum bought me the camera because I was always pinching hers and clicking away.

Over the years I couldn’t begin to guess at how many cameras I have actually had in total.  As an adult I generally buy a new camera every 12-18 months, asking family for money at birthdays and Christmas just so that I can buy the next best camera I can afford.  Since the day that Little Bean was born I’ve had a camera in her face most days, capturing a moment in time where she has made me smile, melted my heart or made me laugh out loud – so I guess it will come as no surprise that she is now keen to pinch my camera from me and snap away herself.  Understandably this has made me a little nervous because my cameras cost quite a lot of money and aren’t generally childproof, especially with Miss Butter-fingers!

If you have read my blog before you will probably have noticed that I am a big fan of anything Fisher Price – I was raised on Fisher Price products and my daughter has followed suit.  To my delight we were offered the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera to review.  I had seen this before as my friend had one for her little boy, which he took everywhere with him so I was pretty sure it would be a hit with Little Bean too.

The look on her face when I showed her the camera was a picture, such a shame I didn’t have my camera to hand at that moment in time!  She turned the camera over and over in her hands, taking in the bright colours and the feel of it.  She instinctively put the camera up to her eye and said, “cheese” which made me laugh.  I showed her how to turn the camera on and which buttons she needed to press and off she went.

Little Bean is becoming quite the traveller these days and has a small backpack in which she takes her favourite items, usually a pink monkey, her cup, a snack and now her camera!  She loves taking pictures of her brothers and tries to take pictures of birds but bless her they fly too fast for her!

The thing that I love most about the camera is seeing the world from Little Bean’s perspective, obviously she isn’t quite David Bailey just yet but she knows what she likes and will take a picture her way!


Binocular viewfinder makes it easier for the children to site their picture as does the digital screen on the reverse.

The chunky style of the camera makes it easier for children to hold and it has large child-friendly buttons to operate.

Sturdy casing means it can withstand most drops and bumps.

4 x Zoom to get them a little closer to the action.

Stores 1000+ pictures on its 128MB built-in memory so no memory card needed.

Camera is available in two colours – pink or blue.


Camera says it works in low-light, which it does but the picture quality isn’t fantastic – though this is only aimed at small children.

USB cable isn’t included so if you want to upload and edit the pictures you need to buy the cable first.

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