Find your superhero at Little Casa! 1

Find your superhero at Little Casa!


HOW flipping cute is this picture of my little superhero?!?! With the recent release of Man of Steel I thought this sleepsuit seemed pretty apt, Jelly Bean thought it was hilarious when Daddy was flying him through the air for his Superbaby photoshoot!

The sleepsuit was provided by a fab new webshop called Little Casa which only opened at the end of June this year and if you get in quick you could grab yourself a bargain with their ‘housewarming offers’ which ends at midnight on 28th July – you can get £10 off plus free shipping on a £30 spend and £5 off a £15 spend. Little Casa has great clothing ranges for children aged 0-6yrs as well as nursery and bathtime products. Many of the products feature children’s favourite characters such as Tatty Teddy, Hello Kitty, Peter Rabbit and Little Mashers as well as Superman and Batman.

Generally I don’t like ‘gimmick’ baby clothes because they are often on poor quality fabrics but I am really impressed with this sleepsuit, it feels thick and luxurious. It has washed up well and I just love him in it!!

Go on, grab yourself a bargain before the housewarming party is over!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Superman Sleepsuit for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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