End of my tether . . .

Little Bean is now four and a half years old and the battle with food isn’t getting any easier.  Every single night (apart from one) I have the same soul destroying task of trying to get her to eat her tea.  I have tried all manner of tactics from distraction (playing music, watching tv, playing with toys) to eating early (to avoid tiredness) and eating late with no afternoon snack to build up hunger.  I play the “I don’t care if you don’t eat it” card, I have tried taking her food away from her and sending her to bed with no tea when she plays up.  NOTHING WORKS!!!

She is pretty lazy when it comes to mealtimes and will eat the majority of a meal if you spoon feed her but she is not a baby and shouldn’t need to be fed.  In a minute I will have another baby to feed and so I don’t need the added stress of mealtimes with Little Bean. 

You may have noticed in my first paragraph I said that I struggle every night bar one and that one night is the night I cook pancakes which she gobbles down quicker than I can cook them but I can’t and won’t cook those for her every night of the week.

Her food choices are still extremely poor, I have tried time and time and time again to get her to try new foods but it always ends the same, she doesn’t eat it.  Tonight she ate fishcake and potato letters (chips) which she says is her favourite yet it took her over an hour to eat it.  The only other things she eats are chocolate spread on toast (but I don’t like her to eat toast for tea when she has had sandwiches for lunch because she gets constipated so easily), breakfast cereals or fruit pouches.  I am sure she is bored of the food she eats but if I can’t get her to try new foods so what am I supposed to do.

In general we have a really nice afternoon together and then teatime spoils it all and she goes to bed grumpy with me for being cross with her.  Please someone tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel and not just some numpty with a torch.

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  1. su tyler
    January 24, 2013 / 10:04 am

    I’m sure you’ve scoured the internet looking for answers. My 2 sons weren’t really fussy eaters, they ate anything with the exception of veggies and both only liked carrots and the occasional bit of cabbage. But that changed when we took on an allotment and they helped to grow veggies. They were keen to try anything we grew.
    Our best friends had a similar problem as yours with their son. He hardly ate anything and seemed to survive on eating grissini sticks! He’s now 21 and eats them out of house and home and seems healthy enough.

    I assume doctors and health visitors are pretty much useless…they tend to just say not to make a fuss…It’s hard not to make a fuss when it’s your own child.
    Just stick with it and she’ll eventually eat ‘normally’ When Baby Bean arrives perhaps she’ll see you have less time to pamper her foody choices and will start eating ‘normally’.

    Our grandson goes through phases of not eating certain things too. At the moment it’s any pasta he spits out.. a month ago he’d have bitten your arm off to get to it!!
    When he’s with us I give him dried prunes and apricots to eat for a snack but at home he won’t touch them.. go figure!!

    Good luck – wishing I had a magic wand!!

    • IamMummyMatters
      February 8, 2013 / 11:18 pm

      Funny enough, she will eat different foods at Nanny’s and Nanna’s to what she will eat at home. We visited a garden centre today and have bought seeds for her to grow vegetables at home so perhaps that might help, as usual we will just keep plodding on and hoping for a miracle one day (sooner rather than later!).

      Thanks for your comment and helpful advice x

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