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It’s funny how your taste buds change the older you get, I always remember reading the side of a yoghurt pot where it says that children have more taste buds than adults, perhaps that is why they are fussier? For as long as I have been drinking hot beverages, I have been a tea girl but in recent years since becoming a Mummy I have swayed more towards coffee (perhaps that’s because of the sleepless nights!). If I’m honest, my favourite would be a latte or cappuccino because I don’t like them too strong but at home I just drink ground coffee made in a cafetiere.

Douwe Egberts have over 250 years’ experience are the world’s third largest coffee roaster so they realise that not everyone has the same taste. They have redeveloped their ground range to cater to all tastes and occasions. The range was launched at the end of October and I was asked if I would like to review them.

Douwe Egberts

The new range:

House Blend – a delicious ground that is perfect for every day use. It is a smooth, full bodied European-style coffee with a classic blend of the finest beans (Strength 3).

Cafe Milano – a traditional Italian-style coffee, a smooth, laid-back blend with a hint of spice evokes the flavours of Milan. The perfect accompaniment to relax and escape with (Strength 3).

Flavourful Decaff – sometimes you want the taste of a coffee but without the caffeine, it is a smooth, full bodied blend with hints of vanilla and chocolate. Expertly created with gently decaffeinated beans (Strength 3).

Time Together – good company, good conversation and a great coffee make for the perfect get together. A delicious spicy blend with a hint of vanilla and nut (Strength 4).

Morning Americano – a full bodied, vibrant blend bursting with nutty flavour. This American-style coffee is sure to get your day off to a great start (Strength 5).

Fired Up – an intense espresso-style blend of dark-roasted beans which bring out the intense flavours of spice and chocolate (Strength 6).


I have been happily enjoying a cup every morning since they arrived, my favourite is Time Together although I generally change to the Flavourful Decaff in the afternoon. I gave the two stronger packs to my sister-in-law as she likes her coffees strong – being a teacher I guess she needs it to keep her alert! She likes a cup of Fired Up to get herself moving in the morning and then changes to Morning Americano as the day progresses.

The new range is designed to suit all types of filter machines and cafetieres so coffee fans won’t be disappointed. The range is available is all retailers at a RRSP of £3.14 for a 200g foil bag.

Douwe Egbert fans can keep up to date with their favourite coffee makers on their Facebook page or by visiting their website.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the new range of Ground Coffee to review. All opinions and words are my own and may not be copied without my express permission.


  • Colette

    November 30 at 7:02 pm

    I love the smell of coffee and really wish I drank it but I just don’t “do” hot drinks! Perhaps I’ll learn as I get older!

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