Douwe Egberts Aromettes

Before I was crowned a Mummy I was more of a tea girl, but there’s something about becoming a Mum (most probably the lack of sleep) that changes your tastes and suddenly coffee is my new best friend. I’m still quite a lightweight when it comes to coffee, I don’t like anything too strong or bitter tasting, just a nice smooth taste to help me keep my eyes open and my wits about me.
Douwe Egberts have recently launched their new little gem, Aromettes. When my husband first saw them he thought I was trying to have a sneaky chocolate until he saw me drop it into the cafetiere, then he realised we didn’t own a cafetiere and thought I’d been on one my secret shopping trips for ‘this old thing’. A quick explanation later that I had actually been sent the cafetiere, Mug and Douwe Egberts Aromettes to review and he seemed happy, provided I make him a coffee!!
I was sent the Intense Aroma, Smooth Aroma and a pack of Decaffeinated Coffee. I immediately went for the smooth aroma as it is classed as medium strength. It lives up to its name and has a really smooth aroma and taste to match, you just drop one of the large coffee beans into the cafetiere, pour the water on, leave for 4 minutes before depressing the plunger and you’re ready to go. The beans can also be used in a filter machine but I don’t have one of those, I think we’ll stick with the cafetiere for the time being. What I really like is that there is no mess, no sprinkling coffee all over the worktop – genius! Initially I was dubious about trying the intense aroma but after a particularly bad night with a teething baby I decided it was exactly what I needed. The taste was definitely more intense but still really smooth and I guarantee they will become a permanent fixture in my cupboard from now on, I’m hooked!
Douwe Egberts Aromettes 1
DISCLAIMER: I was sent a cafetiere, mug and coffee in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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