Do you recognise this guy? I did!

Guess who? As we were stood in the main area waiting to take a photograph of Curly with members of the Paralympian Wheelchair Basketball team I spotted a guy whose face struck a chord. I NEVER forget a face but since becoming a Mummy I do struggle to place where I know these faces from. I knew he was a sporting chap so I tapped Hubby on the arm and asked him who he was, for some reason men just seem to know the name of every single sports person there ever was. Why is that? Yet they can’t remember three items when they go to the supermarket WITH A SHOPPING LIST! He looked at the guy and said “you just think everyone is famous today”.

I took a photo anyway because I knew it would come to me at some point and suddenly it came to me, I just wonder who else recognises this man? Any guesses, I will give you a few clues, he is a sportsman but he has also appeared on the silver screen!

4 thoughts on “Do you recognise this guy? I did!”

  1. Oh well, since no-one seems to know who this is or isn’t actually interested I will tell you anyway – its Sebastien Foucan who is the French Ambassador for Freerunning and was chased by Daniel Craig around a building site and on top of a crane in the James Bond film Casino Royale!!

  2. Why is it that as soon as someone tells you the name of the person thats on the tip of your tongue its all so obvious. I wouldn’t mind but I only re-watched Casino Royale just the other week 😉

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