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Dish dramas cause strife over Christmas

Life before dishwashers was a chore to say the least, I’ve never been the first to volunteer to do the washing up – I don’t mind drying but I hate washing up. I hate how it makes your hands feel and my stomach turns if I find bits of food/sludge floating around in the water so when we got our first dishwasher I did a little happy dance. Of course, this can all be elevated at Christmas because, let’s face it, all we do at Christmas is eat and drink so that brings with it a lot of dirty dishes.

LG have partnered with Finish to launch their new TrueStream dishwasher and conducted some research which (unsurprisingly) found that washing the dishes is the biggest stress at Christmas time.


Key findings:

  • LG survey reveals that Brits will be spending 25.5 million hours washing the dishes this Christmas
  • One in three (38%) Brits think washing the dishes causes the biggest stress this December, followed by shopping for presents (30%), cooking Christmas dinner (12%) and watching holiday films (7%)
  • Nearly half (43%) find they do more washing up over the holiday season than during any other time on the year
  • One in five (20%) see a dishwasher as the most valued asset over Christmas

LG Home Appliance Marketing Communications Manager, Dawn Stockell comments, “As time-saving and efficient home appliances become more and more desirable in UK households, we are seeing simple things like a dishwasher can take away the unnecessary stress associated with Christmas. LG’s new TrueSteam™ dishwasher delivers a powerful dishwashing performance to ensure that burnt on Turkey skin, goose fat and gravy stains are flawlessly cleaned, without having to prewash the dishes. The holidays are about spending time with the family and having the right appliances at home can help people relax after cooking and eating Christmas dinner. ”

Finish dishwashing products’ Partnerships Manager, Stuart Bell adds “There’s nothing more impressive than seeing your best tableware sparkling on Christmas Day, ready for the Turkey. However, dealing with the dinner aftermath can take the shine off this fantastic family occasion. With LG and new Finish Quantum taking care of the washing up, you can rely on perfectly clean results – every time.”


LG’s new TrueSteam™ dishwasher frees users from having to prewash their dishes, saving them time and water usage whilst LG’s unique steam technology leaves dishes spotlessly clean. TrueSteam™ works by creating high-temperature steam particles that are injected from carefully positioned pressure nozzles. Steam temperature and pressure are managed by the built-in steam generator, and the resulting particles are powerful enough to tackle the toughest, burnt on, dried-up food remains.

When we first had our dishwasher I bought the cheapest dishwasher tablets in the shop thinking that they would all be doing the same job but I was wrong, after that first box I tried out the different brands until I found the one that I was happiest with – Finish. For the purposes of this post I was sent a large box of Finish Dishwasher Tablets and a gorgeous hamper of food but regardless of the lovely products, I use and would recommend Finish tablets hands down. In trying out the different brands I found that the Finish tablets were strong enough to break through the toughest grime on my pots and pans, yet they were gentle enough on my fine wine glasses.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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