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Cybermummy Meet and Greet

I saw that a few people had started posting Cybermummy Meet and Greet posts on their site and thought this was a great idea so I’m joining in.  The Meet and Greet is being hosted by Carly at Mummy’s Shoes so if you want to find out a bit more about some of the other fab bloggers who will be attending pop on over with a cuppa and possibly a cake . . . .

image Name: Sabina Green
Blog: Mummy Matters
Twitter ID: @MummyMatters

Height: 5’8”

Hair: Shoulder length dark brown – very straight!

Eyes: Brown

Likes: Spending time with my family, photography, jewellery making, sewing, music, long walks, picnics, holidays (what were they again?), fast cars, , chocolate, shopping (if someone else can pay), reading (if I can keep my eyes open long enough!), spending time with friends, going to the cinema.

Dislikes:  Bad manners, cliques, cooking, all the washing and ironing that comes with children, people who don’t know the location of their indicators!!

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