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Curly tips for getting a girlfriend this Valentines Day . . .

image For those of you who are unsure, next Tuesday 14th February is Valentines Day!!

Curly came home yesterday with a love note in his hands and told us that he has a girlfriend. He had even bought her a valentines present and card out of his pocket money. He told us this morning that one of his friends at school had asked him how he had managed to get a girlfriend and Curly told his friend “you need to find a girl who you really like and talk to her to let her know that you’re interested, then you need to get in with the parents. Mrs A thinks I’m really sweet!”.

He didn’t even say this as a joke bless him, he was very sincere with his little gem of advice for his singleton friend (reminder: they are 10 years old!).

image If you’re lucky enough to have someone special in your life or perhaps there is someone that you have your eye on then get yourself down to Clintons and check our their extensive Valentines range. Whether it’s a soppy card, a funny card or blank card for your own message they have it all, gifts, wrapping, balloons they’ve got it all sorted at a price to suit every purse or wallet!

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