Countdown to Christmas – Day 1

I’m starting with good intentions on Cafebebe’s Countdown to Christmas challenge, where we are to post every day from now until Christmas, but then again, it is only day 1!

On our first day of Christmas, we gave Curly and Little Bean their Advent Calendars – Curly has a Simpsons one, and Little Bean has a Peppa Pig; personally, I think that Beanie Boy should have one too.  I know he’s only 10 weeks old, but as I’m breastfeeding, my argument is that I could eat the chocolates, and he will get a little of their taste later?!?!?  Still no advent calendar for me, though – boooo!

We started our Christmas shopping about a month ago and so far have managed to finish all the children’s presents and about half of the family presents.  Today I sorted all the presents out into bags for each person and wrote a list for each person on my iPod Touch to keep track of where I am.  I’m renowned for forgetting what presents I have bought for people and then buying them more.  This year, with the baby brain being much worse than before, I have decided that I need to be much more organised, so this is my attempt!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Come on, how many of you have already got them wrapped????


  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    December 1 at 10:37 pm

    Can you please teach me how to shop before Christmas Eve? Thanks for taking up the challenge! Shall I send you daily reminders? 😉


    1. mummymatters

      December 1 at 10:40 pm

      I just always have my eye on what’s in the shops, it also helps my shopping addition 😉

      ‘I have started but will I finish’ would perhaps have been the title of my first post – I have the best intentions but we’ll see how the brain fares!


  • mumtoc

    December 2 at 7:53 pm

    I’m quite pleased with my little self this year! I have all C’s presents bought. Family and friend’s presents are nearly finished too so I now only have my mum, my mother-in-law and my hubby to buy for! Wooo hooo, I don’t think I’ve ever been this organised so early in December.

    The presents I have bought so far are all wrapped and placed in individual bags ready for delivery!

    1. mummymatters

      December 4 at 10:24 pm

      Blimey you are doing well, in fact when i come to visit why don’t I bring all mine and your can wrap mine too!! x

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