Could this be a growth spurt??

What a day!!! It’s funny how things never work out as you planned . . .
The day started for at around 8am this morning when Hubby woke me to say goodbye as he left for work and Beanie Boy woke up for his morning feed. Little Bean was already up and playing with her toys before diving onto our bed to give me and Beanie Boy a morning kiss. Good start so far!
At 11.30am my Mother In Law arrived to collect Little Bean who was going to spend the day with Nanny and Grandad, whilst Beanie Boy and myself went to the Breastfeeding Peer Counselling course I started a couple of weeks ago. This was when the day started to go a bit “Pete Tong”. When Little Bean left I needed to change Beanie Boys bum and get him dressed, it should have been easy but just as I got his new outfit on he was sick all over it so we had to start all over again.
By the time we arrived at my class, we were 15 minutes late but then something pinged in my brain – the car park was empty! Ah yes, half term, there was no class so I had been running around like a lunatic for nothing!! Well done me! Oh well, at least that meant I had the rest of the day to get caught up on a few jobs and spend some quality time just me and Beanie Boy.
The rest of my day actually didn’t turn out quite like that because Beanie Boy didn’t sleep apart from two 10 minute naps and now at 10.15pm he has finally given in and gone to sleep. 
He has fed every hour throughout the day, been sick often and generally screamed the house down. I’ve never seen him so unsettled as he is normally such an easygoing, laid back little boy. It’s quite unsettling to see him like this because all I want to do is make everything right for him.
The thing is, I don’t remember Little Bean being like this?? I’m hoping this is just a growth spurt, I’ve kept checking his temperature throughout the day and he’s stayed at a continuous 36.9 so I don’t think he’s poorly but he is definitely not himself.
Well, I guess I’d better finish this post and get to bed to grab some Z’s whilst I can – I think it’s going to be a rough night!

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