Cool Apps for Children

Waybuloo App

Age: Pre-school

£1.90 approx

Waybuloo App

This is the first official licensed App to come from the hit CBeebies TV show about a land called Nara and it’s inhabitants the Piplings. Aimed at pre-school children the programme focuses on children’s emotions such as love, wisdom, happiness and harmony and a philosophy of a happy life. The App is very simple and easy to use, just bear in mind that it is for pre-schoolers so older children may tire of it quickly. Beanie Boy is just starting to get to grips with it and Little Bean enjoys playing it for short periods. You can do painting with Lau Lau, fixing with Nok Tok, planting and watering your garden with De Li and making music with YoJoJo and then finish off with a game of Peeka (hide-and-seek to the rest of us!).

City of Friends

Age: 2-6yrs


City of Friends

After the success of the City of Friends TV series in Norway and the UK comes the App where you can play along with Max the Police Officer, Elphie The Fire Officer and Ted the Paramedic as they join their respective emergency service teams on exciting missions. The brand was created by Police Officer Carl Christian Hamre as he was telling his children bedtime stories about his experiences as a patrolling police officer. Help Elphie to put out fires and fly the Helicopter with Max before organizing Ted’s First Aid Kit. Improve memory skills whilst getting to know the gang with a game of matching pairs and then have fun exploring the emergency vehicles themselves. As rewards for getting the games right you can also earn snippets of the TV shows to watch.


Age: 4+ yrs

£0.64 approx


Help cute and crazy Rollerhog to navigate his way through a psychedelic world without getting into too many scrapes, swipe the heads off the flowers, bounce on mushrooms to grab the sweet treats and don’t forget to close the crocodiles mouth with more action besides. Once you think you’ve mastered it in normal mode, prepare yourself for hyper mode and then see if you can beat your own high-score but be warned this can be addictive. Little Bean liked this but Daddy liked it more, this is definitely a game for the competitive ones amongst you!

Zombie Burbz

Age: 9yrs +

App: Free

Figures: TBC

When I was first asked if I would like to review this game for the iPad I said no because the iPad is used by all three of our children and I didn’t want the two youngest opening up a game about Zombies. I doubt that it would scare them but I don’t want to get into Zombie territory with them just yet. The great thing about this game though, is that it doesn’t actually work unless you have the deluxe Zombie Figure to activate and play the game so the tiddlers can’t play it by accident.

I tried playing this game myself initially but I must admit I’m not much of a gamer, especially when it comes to Zombie games so I quickly handed over the control to Curly who, i his words thought it was “well wicked” and “Zombietastic”. I don’t know what it is with children and their intrigue with the undead and monsters but Curly has a huge fascination with them and is forever drawing the strange looking characters. He liked that there was an actual Zombie character in his hand to play the game rather than just pushing his finger around the screen but he was a little disappointed that the other figures in the pack don’t really do anything. From what I can gather from Curly you have to set traps to get rid of the humans, collect their trash to feed the Zombies and fight off the angry locals who are trying to rid their neighbourhood of the undead using weapons which you need to buy as the game progresses. Curly particularly likes the methods of fending off attackers such as burps, snotballs and screams (what is it with children?!?!?).

There are 4 deluxe Zombie figures to collect and each one unlocks their own unique storyline and mission so the game can keep on growing.

Moshi Monsters Moshlings

Age: 6-12yrs

£0.69Moshi Monsters

Ok, so again this is an App which for me seem pretty pointless but then again I’m not a child and I’m not obsessed with Moshi Monsters like Little Bean is. I didn’t ‘get’ the App but Little Bean (who is only 4!!) has been very quick to explain it all to me and in return I get to read to each of the 60+ Moshling stories to her. Moshi Monsters Moshlings is basically a treasure trove of information about the Moshlings, their personalities, how to catch them and then the fun part, using stickers to turn them into your own version of a Moshling character. You can add different eyes, noses, mouths, hats, glasses, musical instruments and more besides. Once you are happy with your creation you can take a photograph and create wallpapers and pictures to download and use elsewhere.

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