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Coca Cola now in new smaller cans!

Coca Cola

I am a sucker for personalisation, it probably stems from the fact that with a name like ‘Sabina’ I have never really been able to buy things with my name on. So when Coca Cola launched their new bottles earlier this year with the top 100 names on them, I didn’t even bother to look for mine. Then when I attended BritMums in June I was able to ask for a bottle with ‘Sabina’ on AND a bottle with Mummy Matters on too.

Since returning from BritMums I received a further little gift from Coca Cola by way of my very own Coca Cola gift box containing a 330ml can of Diet Coke with ‘Friends’ on it, a bottle of Coke Zero on it and a can of Coca Cola which I hadn’t seen before. This month they launched a new smaller 250ml can.

Coca Cola want to provide a range of products to suit every lifestyle and looking for ways to offer more choice. They clearly mark all of their products with nutritional information and ingredients to help you manage your calorie intake.

Calorie Count

Smaller than a standard 330ml can, there…
  • are 105 calories in a 250ml can of Coca-Cola
  • is less than one calorie in a 250ml can of Diet Coke
  • is less than one calorie in a 250ml can of Coca-Cola Zero

The new 250ml cans are perfect for those who are trying to manage their energy balance by offsetting their calorie intake with burning off calories through exercise. They are also the perfect size to use as mixers or for children if you prefer to give them smaller drinks.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the gift set free of charge. I was under no obligation to write a post but have chosen to do so. This work is my own and you are not permitted to copy any part of it.

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