Closer to Nature ® Digital Video Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad

Digital Video Monitor

On a recent trip to London to meet with the Tommee Tippee team I shown the new Closer to Nature Digital Video Monitor and asked if I would like to review it for them. You really couldn’t ask for more peace of mind when it comes to putting your baby down to sleep in their cot unless you actually choose to sleep in their room with them and I wouldn’t recommend that, you’ll never get any sleep.

Being a second time Mummy I would like to say that it’s easier the second time around and that you don’t worry about putting baby down to sleep but you still do, it’s just human nature that we want to protect our babies and make sure they never come to any harm. But with the new Closer to Nature Digital Video Monitor you have three ways to check on your baby.



  • Sensor Pad – when they are very young and not moving around their bed too much the sensor pad will tell you if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. An alarm will sound on both the parent unit and the baby unit which normally is enough to make baby stir slightly and start moving again. By ‘moving’ I don’t mean the baby has been to be rolling around all the time, the sensor pad detects the baby moving just through breathing.
  • Digital Clear Sound – the very first monitor we had when Little Bean was born was not a digital monitor and I regretted the decision to buy it immediately. Something in the area where we lived interfered with the monitor so there was always a rustling noise which was fine whilst sitting watching the TV in the evening but was awful to try to sleep with and although we could hear Little Bean if she cried out loud, we couldn’t hear her if she whimpered quietly. From that day forward we have only ever used Digital monitors and the difference is outstanding. With a digital monitor you can even hear them breathing, now if that doesn’t give you peace of mind I don’t know what will.
  • Infrared Night Vision Camera – not only does this give you perfect vision of your sleeping baby in even the darkest of rooms, it’s also super cute to watch. I had never realised before how often Beanie Boy wakes from sleep and sits up. In the past we have heard him mumbling or banging about but now with the camera we are able to see that he actually wakes from sleep, sits up, looks around his room like a little milk drunk baby, grabs his teddy and then collapses in a heap back onto his bed. If your baby doesn’t sleep in a darkened room in the day time then you will be able to watch your baby in full colour. You even have the function to zoom in on baby if there is something you want to take a closer look at.

You don’t have to have the video screen playing constantly, this depletes the battery faster but we leave ours switched on for the evening without being connected to the mains and it has lasted really well. Hubby likes to watch Beanie Boy on the video screen before he goes to sleep at night (now who said men weren’t soppy!).

The Digital Video Monitor has already proved itself invaluable for me as it gave me back my hour of work that I had been losing recently. For whatever reason, Beanie Boy had been waking from his daytime naps an hour earlier than usual. But when he woke last week, rather than running upstairs to him like I had been doing I watched him on the monitor for a few moments and he laid himself back down and went back to sleep. When he next woke up an hour later I had my happy cheeky boy back instead of the slightly grumpy one I’d been getting of late.

Product features;
•    Infrared night vision camera
•    Movement sensor pad
•    Adjustable sensitivity settings
•    Fully digital clear sound
•    3” colour screen
•    Baby’s room temperature display
•    Up to 300m range with out of range indicator
•    Two-way talk back
•    Pager to find missing parent unit
•    Gentle night light
•    Channel auto-select


  • Hayley Todd

    March 22 at 6:36 pm

    Thanks for this brilliant review. We have been debating for a while now which type of monitor to buy for when our baby is born and having read this review, I am very impressed with the product and think I will be investing in one very shortly!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      March 27 at 9:30 pm

      It really would be money well spent 🙂

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