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Choose Tesco Direct for Kid Friendly Furniture

Which team are you in? Team leather, or team fabric?

image I am of course referring to your sofa. If you have kids running around, the last thing you need is to be worrying about is them ruining your pristine couch, so it’s better to decide early on whether you’re going to get something durable, or suffer the consequences. Both fabric and leather sofas come with benefits and disadvantages. These benefits are largely dependent on the age and activity levels of your kids – whether you have dribbling crawlers or bouncing preschoolers. For me, it’s mostly about weighing my options against the likelihood of couch disasters. Families are messy – that’s a given. Would I rather have various forms of food mashed into my pretty fabric couch, or a mysterious liquid left on leather that is only discovered by sitting down. Tough choice. Things like smaller children, pets and messy adults can all affect the decisions you make with your home furniture, because every family is different – what’s good for one family might spell ‘disaster’ for another. Here are some of the best advantages and disadvantages of each sofa type so that you can make the best decision for your family.

Leather Sofas

Leather sofas are great for those families that have messy kids and adults. Because the cow hide has been treated and preserved from preventing deterioration, it has a nice sheen to it that makes it easy to clean just by using a disinfectant wipe or a wet wash cloth. This is great for those kids that like to sit on the sofa with muddy shoes, spill food or drinks, and “experiment” by drawing on every available surface.

The most complaints about leather furniture made by kids and parents are that it gets hot and sweats during the summer. If you have kids that like to play outside during the day, this can create an unpleasant smell on the furniture that can be hard to get out if not wiped down immediately. If you do not keep the couch oiled properly during the hot summer months, the fabric can tear, creating complaints of itchy skin.

Fabric Sofas


Fabric sofas are fantastic for families that have pets or kids that are accident prone.

A fabric sofa often comes in darker colours than you can get with leather furniture, and they’re often cheaper, too. Because of this, they are great for covering up messes and appearing to look new. Fabric furniture also comes in several different designs so that you can incorporate any look that you want into your home. This is ideal for those that like decor that matches instead of solid colours.

If your kids like to play with scissors and other craft items such as glue and glitter, these items will easily destroy your fabric furniture. Glue will create a tacky mess that you won’t ever be able to get out while glitter seemingly never goes away. If you’re in ‘team fabric’, perhaps it’s best to pop the kids at the kitchen table during arts and crafts, to try and save your sofa – and your sanity.


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