CBeebies Song Time Album – Perfect Stocking Filler

CBeebies has been around for years and is still coming up with hit shows to entertain and more importantly educate our little gems.  I don’t let Little Bean watch too much TV but what she does watch on CBeebies definitely helps her with vocabulary and understanding of the world around her.  On Monday 22nd November CBeebies released their Song Time Album, we were sent a copy to review.  This is a double CD with 50 tracks from the popular children’s TV channel and she loves it!!  We have music hour where we put the CD on in the kitchen or playroom and just have a good old dance around, its exercise for me and it helps Little Bean to burn off a bit of energy and sleep nicely for Mummy in the afternoon (you see its a double winner for Mummy!).  Her favourites are Something Special Theme tune, Gigglebiz (can’t get too much of Justin!) and 64 Zoo Lane.  I happen to quite like Charlie and Lola’s Theme tune but I’m not sure if that’s “cool” for a Mummy so let’s just keep that between you and me!  I had a little giggle to myself on a recent shopping trip as Little Bean seems to have inherited her Dad’s knack of getting the lyrics wrong.  We had been listening to the CD in the car on the way there.  As we walked around the shop Little Bean broke into song, Bob the Builder’s “Can We Fix It” to be precise, only her version went something like this – “Boooob the Builder, can we DIG this, Boooob the Builder – yes he can!”.  Gotta love ‘em!!

Most of the tracks are the theme tunes from the programmes and so none of them are too long, which is probably quite good for children as they tend to have a limited attention span.  There are also a couple of medleys and songs from within the programmes too.  What I like is that there’s a lot of variety so you don’t get bored of it.  I already have the album on my iPod so that we can play it in the car, it really helps when the journey is becoming too dull for the children and stressful for me.  I also use it for “Tidying Time” – this was something we were told to do at a music group.  Always have a “Tidying Song” so that your little ones know when its time to pack away.  We used to have a Black Eyed Peas song but now that this has become her favourite CD I let her choose a song and she has until the end of the track to tidy the playroom – it works!

My only disappointment with the CD is that they haven’t put the ‘Seasons’ songs and the birthday song on, and these are Little Bean’s favourite tunes on CBeebies.  If they could just have added these to the album I think there would be many more happy toddlers around.  Little Bean loved the Summer Song so much she would run off to the cupboard and return with her umbrella to dance along.

If you have little ones to buy for this Christmas then look no further, CBeebies Song Time is the perfect stocking filler!

You can buy CBeebies Song Time at the following sites –

£8.95 plus free delivery

CBeebies Song Time Album – Perfect Stocking Filler 1

£8.93 plus free UK delivery

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