• Rubik's #summerscrambles

    Our Rubik’s Summer Scramble Fun #AD-GIFTED

    Everyone loves a bit of retro fun and if there’s one thing that screams ‘RETRO’ more than anything it’s the good old Rubik’s Cube 3×3! I remember days, weeks and months spent desperately trying to solve my Rubik’s cube as a youngster. No, I never fully solved it and YES I peel the stickers off […]

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  • Canterbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site

    Canterbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site

    We brought our Summer Holidays to a close with a lovely holiday to remember at  Canterbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site in Kent. For the first time this summer the weather was properly on our side with every day boasting glorious sunshine, perfect for exploring the Kent coastline and all the great beaches it has to […]

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  • Hiking

    Must-have gear for Hiking and Camping

    Hiking and camping with your little ones is probably the most adventurous outdoor bonding exercise between parents and kids. The thrill of hiking is more than a physical activity – it teaches kids the value of being close to nature, equips them with the ability to solve problems in adverse situations, teaches them teamwork, and […]

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  • Cornbury Festival

    Making memories at Cornbury Festival 2019

    Last year the Cornbury Festival was one of the biggest highlights of our Summer. Happy memories kept cropping up in the children’s conversations for months afterwards. We were overjoyed to be invited back again this year and it fully lived up to our expectations and more. Our 2019 Cornbury Festival Musical Highlights Pleasant Valley Stage […]

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  • Solar Lights on Tent

    Camping tips – outdoor lighting ideas

    So you and the family are going on a camping trip, to live outdoors and be at one with nature for a few days. When you are setting up your campsite, you will undoubtedly need some type of outdoor lighting ideas to give you an added living space to enjoy in the evenings. Citronella Candles […]

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  • Camping in Style

    How to do camping in style

    Camping doesn’t have to be all about ‘roughing it’ and going back to basics. These days there are more and more sites which are all about the ‘glamping’ so here’s a guide to camping in style. Camping in Europe Camping in Europe offers some quality campsites with entertainment, a la carte restaurants, in season cabarets. […]

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