• Gold Coast

    8 Australian Cities You Should Visit in 2020

    The ‘land down under’, Australia, is a perfect example of heaven on earth. From its picturesque landscapes and magnificent wildlife to the rich culture and bustling cities, this island is a dream destination for most tourists. So, get ready to make some memories while you tick off your bucket list in 2020 with some of […]

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  • Flemington Racecourse

    Cool Trivia About Flemington Racecourse

    Even before it was known as Flemington Racecourse, this Melbourne track was used for racing dating as far back as 1840. In this post, we’ll look at some cool trivia and facts about this world-famous race track. Which Came First? Melbourne City or Flemington Racecourse? Of course, it was the city of Melbourne, but not […]

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  • Fraser Island

    6 Family Friendly Vacation Destinations

    Making plans for a family friendly vacation can be a tough one. Because as parents, you have to make sure that the place you are planning to visit is child-friendly, and have plenty of activities to keep everyone busy and happy. Planning a Family Friendly Vacation The reason you have to put those into consideration […]

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