• Top 3 active outdoor holiday destinations in Italy 1

    Top 3 active outdoor holiday destinations in Italy

    With most of the world currently in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, holidays are currently something we can only dream about. With so many people confined to their homes and allowed out for just a short period of time a day due to COVID-19, a holiday outdoors is something that we can only imagine. […]

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  • Travelling with CBD

    5 countries that allow travelling with CBD

    With a constant change in the laws and regulations of recreational and medical use of CBD in the last few years, it has become quite confusing for many people who are willing or intend travelling with CBD. Due to the medical potentiality of hemp-derived products, the production, distribution, and cultivation have experienced reduced restrictions lately. […]

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  • Spain

    Family holiday destination: Spain

    Are you looking for your next family holiday destination in Spain? If so, you’re in luck! Family holidays in Spain offer some of the best accommodations and choices. From relaxing resorts to places that are made to be fun for families, you’re going to love all the wonderful holiday options! The great part about taking a holiday […]

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  • Smart Packing

    Travelling with CBD products: Can I travel with CBD oil?

    Since medical marijuana is still illegal in a lot of states of the U.S., flying can be a huge problem. Hemp-derived CBD products, on the other hand, are legal in more than fifty states of the U.S. but, whenever you’re about to stop at the TSA checkpoint, several ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ hit you, making you […]

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  • Gold Coast

    8 Australian Cities You Should Visit in 2020

    The ‘land down under’, Australia, is a perfect example of heaven on earth. From its picturesque landscapes and magnificent wildlife to the rich culture and bustling cities, this island is a dream destination for most tourists. So, get ready to make some memories while you tick off your bucket list in 2020 with some of […]

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