• Family car

    How can the modern family afford a new car?

    The best type of family car is versatile. From picking up the children from school, taking the dog to the vets, doing the weekly shop and travelling to work, the family car is a serious multi-tasker. It can be argued that new cars, rather than used, are best suited as family cars due to their […]

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  • Nissan Pulsar

    Test-driving the Nissan Pulsar

    Ooh it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to test-drive a new family car and I had forgotten how much I missed the thrill of driving a new car. A few weeks ago I was approached by Smiths Nissan in Peterborough and asked if I would like to put the Nissan Pulsar through […]

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  • family car

    The Benefits of a personal Contract Hire car

    Before I began working in the motor trade I honestly thought the only time that you would hire a car was when you were going away on holiday. I didn’t really consider that people might hire a car as their main family car and bearing in mind the businesses I had worked in prior to […]

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  • Rental Car

    How to save a fortune when booking last minute rental cars

    Holidays are a fabulous time of the year, particularly when you take the family away for some well-earned rest and fun together. The flip side of these fun holidays is all of the expenses you run into, which can blow out your holiday budget. This particularly applies to rental cars, because whilst having your own […]

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  • Wanted: Family car for 6!

    When Hubby was made redundant at Christmas he had to hand back his VW Caravelle as well as his access to all the cars/vehicles in the company pool and along with it the versatility to borrow the perfect family car according to our destination, function and number of family members being transported. Working in the […]

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  • Stay safe on the roads this winter 1

    Stay safe on the roads this winter

    As the Winter months are fast approaching and the UK weather gets more wild by the day it’s time to start thinking about keeping yourself safe when out and about on the roads. Of course the best piece of advice to follow is to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary but that isn’t always […]

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  • Top 5 car seats 2

    Top 5 car seats

    Whether you’re a new parent or you’re on to your third, fourth or even fifth child, you can never be too prepared for bringing a new-born into the world (no matter how much practice you’ve had). Everything changes from the moment you hear their first tiny cries and instead of thinking ‘now what?’ we want […]

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  • Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro

    Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro Car Seat Review and Giveaway

    Kiddy just keep it coming with their great range of Child Safety Car Seats because they want our children to be as safe as possible whilst travelling in cars. The Phoenixfix Pro is a top end model and the latest addition to the Kiddy family which was launched in May this year. The Phoenixfix Pro […]

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