• HTI Pocket Money Toys

    Pocket money toys the kids will love [AD-GIFTED}

    When I was a child I used to love it when my Mum took me to the market so I could spend my pocket money on the 50p and £1 stalls. Obviously, we are talking quite a few years ago so the monetary value has changed somewhat but the joy of spending pocket money certainly […]

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  • PoundToy

    Quell the Easter Holiday boredom with PoundToy [AD-GIFTED]

    The Easter holidays are almost upon us and for some parents, this brings added stress and worry. The Easter holidays are generally around two weeks, ours a little over this time but we are really looking forward to the break from routine. I have a few little tricks up my sleeve to keep boredom at […]

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  • Little Bean unwraps her first LOL Surprise Doll . . .

    Little Bean has been watching Youtube Kids on her Samsung Galaxy Tablet for a good couple of years now and loves nothing more than watching video after video of girls un-boxing dolls, toys, Lego . . . you name it, she has watched it. A while ago I remembered her coming to me with her […]

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  • Funfest Summit

    #Funfest16 exceeded our expectations . . .

    Yesterday was a first for Little Bean and me, we went to FunFest blogger summit at Whittlebury Hall near Northampton for the first time. I wanted to attend last year but unfortunately it coincided with a family occasion. FunFest is the only bloggers conference where you are actively encouraged to take your children with you so I […]

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  • Hatch 'n' Heroes

    Hatch ‘n’ Heroes – the Easter Egg alternative

    When you have four children in the house you can stack up quite a mountain of chocolate over Easter and then if you add to that all the sweets they get given throughout the year at Birthdays, birthday parties, events, Halloween then it’s a whole load of sugar which I would rather not actually contemplate. […]

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