• HTI Pocket Money Toys

    Pocket money toys the kids will love [AD-GIFTED}

    When I was a child I used to love it when my Mum took me to the market so I could spend my pocket money on the 50p and £1 stalls. Obviously, we are talking quite a few years ago so the monetary value has changed somewhat but the joy of spending pocket money certainly […]

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  • Child painting

    Turn Your Children’s Paintings into Beautiful Jewelry

    Our precious children start growing creatively at a young age. As soon as they can begin their senseless scribbles with jumbo crayons, they are drawing pages and pages worth of art and presenting them proudly to their parents. Of course, as parents, we appreciate every last little smiley face or scribble cloud they hand us. […]

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  • Stampin Up

    Stampin Up for Strong and Beautiful Women

    Stamping has come such a long way since the stamping crafts of my childhood and it’s a really popular craft with today’s crafters. I was recently sent a lovely set of stamps and pens from Stampin’ Up! which I used initially to make some pretty Mother’s Day cards but have since made gift cards for […]

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  • LOL Fuzzy Pets

    Lillie reviews LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

    The LOL Surprise franchise just keeps on growing and Lillie hasn’t got fed up with them yet. This time around Lillie has been reviewing the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets. Fuzzy Pets The Fuzzy Pets range offers seven surprises to be unwrapped, with each layer revealing another little hint towards who might be hiding under the […]

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  • Drones for Kids

    Your Child’s First Drone: Things to Consider

    There is a good chance that your little one would love to have a drone. Don’t worry, there are great drones for children of almost any age! Drones were extremely high tech a decade ago. There weren’t many that would make good toys. Today, that has changed. While there are expensive drones that have advanced […]

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  • Best friends Knitted toys

    Best Years Fair Trade Knitted Toy Giveaway

    In a household with four children, we know toys. We know what kids love and what quickly gets pushed to one side. The one thing that has often surprised me is how much children still gravitate towards the more traditional toys, not the battery operated plastic ones but those with more attention to detail. At […]

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  • SET - a card game of visual perception

    Set – The Visual Perception Game

    For our final Blogger Board Game review, we have been playing Set – The Visual Perception Game. This is a card game which is quick to set up and fun to play. It has won over 35 best game awards including MENSA Select. What’s in the box? Inside the box, you will find a pack […]

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  • STEM Adventurers use LEGO to plan life on the moon

    STEM Adventurers use LEGO to plan life on the moon

    At the end of March, teams of 6-9-year-olds came together for Peterborough’s FIRST LEGO League Jr expo to demonstrate ingenious solutions to problems we might face living on the moon. Organised by Peterborough STEM Festival in partnership with the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and sponsored by BGL Group, this year’s theme was ‘Mission Moon’. […]

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  • DIY Birdhouse

    Fun Family Earth Day Crafts

    April 22nd, 2010 was the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a day set aside by the Countries of the world to celebrate and appreciate the planet on which we live. Earth Day Crafts It is often celebrated with the planting of trees or flowers, maybe the picking up of trash. Unfortunately, trees can get overcrowded […]

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