• HTI Pocket Money Toys

    Pocket money toys the kids will love [AD-GIFTED}

    When I was a child I used to love it when my Mum took me to the market so I could spend my pocket money on the 50p and £1 stalls. Obviously, we are talking quite a few years ago so the monetary value has changed somewhat but the joy of spending pocket money certainly […]

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  • What to give active kids this Christmas?

    Do you often wonder if your children could be a direct descendant of the Duracell Bunny? It is something I have questioned myself many times, I just don’t know where they get their energy from? When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, we always opt for the presents which will help to get them out […]

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  • Wowcher Purchase Review

    Our latest Wowcher purchase review

    Wowcher is an online shopping channel where you can buy anything from household goods and gifts to meals out, weekends away and travel breaks. Everybody loves a good deal these days, after all, we need our money to go as far as possible so Wowcher makes it happen. Over the years, we have purchased numerous […]

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  • A Day at The Cycle Show at the NEC

    At the weekend we popped along to the NEC in Birmingham to attend The Cycle Show which was a first for us. The Cycle Show is the world’s biggest Cycling Showcase with all the biggest cycling brands under one roof. At The Cycle Show, you could shop to your heart’s content for the most ground-breaking […]

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  • WIN Tickets to The Cycle Show at the NEC

    The UK’s national cycling showcase. It is returning to Birmingham’s very own NEC Exhibition Centre this September, and it’s gearing up to be another great event.    An ideal day out for the whole family, there will be two dedicated kids tracks, with Cube and Islabikes bringing their expertise to the show, providing a fleet […]

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  • The Beans are getting their skates on

    My Beans are quite an active bunch (and by that I mean they have a LOT of energy to burn). As a family, we love nothing more than getting outdoors and having fun on our own two feet or with the help of a few wheels. This Summer the Beans have been doing exactly that […]

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  • Outdoor fun

    3 Ways to Get Kids Off Gadgets and Go Outdoors

    With internet shopping, mobile banking and instant messaging, gadgets have taken over our lives, but it’s not just the adults who have been affected, it’s time to get kids off gadgets too. From toddlers using tablets to teens obsessed with Snapchat, our kids are always using gadgets. If you are worried about the impact then […]

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  • Playdate

    Why outdoor play is good for children . . .

    From the moment our children could move by themselves, they have always preferred to be outdoors come rain or shine. On the days that it’s raining we pull on the wellies and raincoats so that we can get stuck in with puddle jumping, it’s what being a child is all about. I love that the […]

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