• Mega Bloks First Builders 1

    Mega Bloks First Builders

    Jelly Bean is such a lucky little chap, no sooner had he finished celebrating his first birthday where we bought him his Megabloks Build ‘n’ Learn Table than I received an email asking if we would like to review some of the Mega Bloks First Builders range. Now what sort of a mean Mummy would […]

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  • It’s a Pancake Pile-Up! 2

    It’s a Pancake Pile-Up!

    Yesterday after school we had lots of fun playing a brand new game from Learning Resources called Pancake Pile-Up. It couldn’t have been more apt for us since we are big fans of pancakes in our house, they are on the menu at least once a week and of course, Pancake Day is just around […]

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  • Bin Weevils Lab’s Slimey Slime Lab 5

    Bin Weevils Lab’s Slimey Slime Lab

    Curly LOVES it whenever we get something ‘experimental’ to review, I think he would make a fantastic ‘mad scientist’, the Curly hair definitely helps don’t you think? At 12 years old I thought that perhaps this would be a little too babyish being a ‘Bin Weevils’ product but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I […]

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  • Why we love the LeapPad Ultra 6

    Why we love the LeapPad Ultra

    My children are soooo lucky, no sooner is Christmas out of the way (and I STILL haven’t found homes for half of their presents!) than another present arrived for them last week. Meet the new LeapPad Ultra where learning can be fun too! Long-standing Mummy Matters readers will know that we are not new to […]

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  • Looking for an alternative gift idea? 7

    Looking for an alternative gift idea?

    Buying gifts for friends and loved ones can get a little stale after time, you end up heading down the same old aisles and selecting items along a similar theme just in a different colour year on year. Don’t you sometimes wish you could do something a little different? How about a language course? At […]

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