• XNSPY Monitoring App

    Parental Monitoring App

    In a world where our children’s heads are ducked into their smartphones, it does not make them protected even if they are under the same roof as you. Their smartphones are a window to the outside world, so to get in trouble, they don’t have to be physically outside anymore. Even if you are around […]

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  • #InventorsDay

    No More Smashy Smashy! with Phanyard #InventorsDay

    You may or may not already know it but today is #InventorsDay so I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase a few of the amazing Inventors out there that you might not have heard of but you’ll be glad you do now. Introducing Phanyard – The UK’s Only Retractable Phone Lanyard Why I Invented […]

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  • Bored? Here Are Four Games to Kill the Time!

    Video games are the best time killer in the world, and that’s something that most individuals could agree upon. Some would say time is precious, but when you’re stuck in a situation that you really don’t want to be a part of, video games can be a fantastic escape. We’re going to take a look […]

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  • Keeping your children safe on their smartphones

    The Mum in me who wants to bury her head in the sand and not think about my children using mobile phones is pretending that I am not writing this post. The Mum with the sensible head on knows that it is only a matter of time before my Beans will be getting their own […]

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  • Virtual Reality Headset

    Virtual Reality Headset: Entertainment for all ages

    All of us mums have wished to be transported to another reality at one point or another – maybe you’ve fantasized about being an international woman of mystery, or going back in time to walk with dinosaurs. Or maybe you just prefer something simple, like leaving the hectic reality of the school run to take […]

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  • Nokia Lumia

    Top 5 things to do on your mobile phone . . .

    Everywhere you look these days there will be at least one person near you with a mobile phone in their hand. I often look and wonder what they might be doing on their mobile phone, are they simply texting, reading emails, are they playing games, reading books, listening to music . . . the possibilities are endless. My […]

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