• Let the fun begin with Matey this Christmas! 1

    Let the fun begin with Matey this Christmas!

    There aren’t many children that I know of that don’t like bathtime, the only thing that our children don’t like about bathtime is the bit where we pull the plug and tell them its time to get out! Matey have been around for years, I’m sure I saw a bottle of Matey next to the […]

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  • What would you do with Makedo?

    Some children love to draw, some children like to read, some like to make and Curly is definitely a ‘maker’! For as long as I can remember Curly has been busy building cars, robots, spaceships and if we’ve had enough recycling he’s even built a city out of old cardboard boxes and bottles and basically […]

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  • What do your 6-12 year olds want for Christmas?

    As a lucky Mummy who gets to review lots of lovely things I wanted to produce a Christmas Gift Guide for my Mummy Matters readers. Each year I find the task of choosing gifts gets harder and harder because these days children already have so much but whilst looking around for ideas I came across […]

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  • Our Build-A-Bear experience . . .

    A few weeks ago I was asked if my family and I would like to visit our local Build-A-Bear Workshop to make some Beary Best Friends of our own. If I had said no to that my children would never have forgiven me so today we headed over to Cambridge for our very first Build-A-Bear […]

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  • GloveClipsandMittenClips.com 2


    How often as parents do we sit at home and wonder if we can invent the next best thing that all parents will want to buy? Don’t you sit at home watching Dragon’s Den saying “I wish I’d thought of that”. And for my next question, how often do you spend searching the house for […]

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  • Freya Design Keepsake Boxes

    I have a confession to make, I’m a bit of a hoarder! I still have every birthday card, Christmas card, good luck card and any other card that has ever been sent to me, I just can’t bear to part with them. And now this has continued to my children’s cards and sentimental pieces. In […]

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  • How Interflora made my Mum smile

    You might recall that I was asked a while back if I would like to review Interflora’s flower delivery service but I chose to forgo flowers and receive a lovely pair of bay trees for our garden instead. Well they are still growing strong and look stunning, so when I was asked if I would […]

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  • Interflora deliver more than flowers!

    Oh I remember the days when romance was new and exciting, someone would walk through the door carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers wrapped in pretty cellophane with a great big bow on it. As they approached my desk my heart would beat out of my chest, were they really for me? “Hi love, can […]

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