• LOL Fuzzy Pets

    Lillie reviews LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

    The LOL Surprise franchise just keeps on growing and Lillie hasn’t got fed up with them yet. This time around Lillie has been reviewing the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets. Fuzzy Pets The Fuzzy Pets range offers seven surprises to be unwrapped, with each layer revealing another little hint towards who might be hiding under the […]

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  • Gifts for girls

    5 Hot Gift Trends for Girls (or Boys)

    If you have a child between the ages of about 6 and 14 you will know the challenge of not only getting them gifts but also making sure those gifts are in line with the current trends…or even better, slightly ahead of them. It’s not as though there are a million gift ideas but that […]

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  • Cobra Paw

    Cobra Paw – the game for Ninja’s in training

    We have been getting our claws out and testing our Ninja skills with another great game from Bananagrams. Cobra Paw is the game where ninja-like know how steals the game and it’s certainly raising the energy levels in our house. About Cobra Paw The Cobra Paw is an ancient tournament of speed and mental fortitude […]

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  • Lego Duplo

    5 Fun Lego Sets Your Child Will Love

    Lego has continued to improve its quality with every passing year and has entertained children for decades. What’s more, Lego is a very educational toy which can teach children many valuable skills. Many kids love to use their imagination to come up with unique ideas to build their Lego pieces, whilst others own specialised Lego from popular […]

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  • LOL Surprise review

    Review: LOL Surprise Hair Goals #ad

    Lillie has been a very lucky girl once again as she has been sent not one, but TWO LOL Surprise Hair Goals to review. When I showed them to her she hadn’t even heard of them which was a shock to me as she is normally the first to tell me about every new development […]

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  • Perfume

    Perfume: The Gift for All Seasons

    Finding the right gift for the important people in your life can be difficult – especially when they already have everything. Perhaps it is your partner’s birthday, or you haven’t got something for your dad for Christmas yet and you are struggling to narrow your options down. The good news is that perfume is the […]

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  • Project MC2 Perfume Maker

    Have you considered these Christmas gifts for kids?

    Christmas shopping can go on forever can’t it, I have FINALLY finished mine which actually has been easier than I thought to bear in mind I only made it out on four separate occasions. I don’t, however, recommend fracturing your ankle to do rush shopping!! Whilst I was out on my last festive shop on […]

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  • What’s in our Christmas Eve box?

    For me, the excitement of Christmas is always the build up to it, the dark nights and searching for the twinkly lights. The Christmas markets, watching Christmas movies with the curtains closed, sitting under a blanket snuggled up with the kids in our pyjamas. I love seeing the delight on the children’s faces when our Christmas […]

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  • 20+ Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

    The fascination with Harry Potter is still flying high and with the release of The Crimes of Grindelwald, the magic of Hogwarts and the wizarding world just keeps on giving. We are a family of Harry Potter fans so I have been searching for a selection of Harry Potter gift ideas and wanted to share […]

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