• Christmas Money Saving

    10 Christmas Money Saving Tips

    I realised it was time for a Christmas money saving tips post after walking around the shops today.  It was hard to avoid the Christmas decorations and the festive tunes playing out.  Christmas can often feel quite daunting with so much to prepare, so many presents to buy and meals to cook, let alone where […]

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  • Family Health - Holiday Season

    Keeping Your Family Healthy During the Holiday Season

    Fall is a time of sweaters, crackling fires, warm cups of cider, and a smorgasbord of delicious cold-weather treats. The number of comfort foods only continues to rise over time until the holidays arrive with a myriad of delectable — albeit unhealthy — culinary favourites in tow. On top of that, as the weather steadily […]

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  • Lapland - Christmas getaways

    The best Christmas getaways for new parents

    As many new parents know, it can be extremely difficult to enjoy time together as a family on top of work and busy schedules. So, as the holiday season is just around the corner, you should try and make the most of it! But what are the best destinations for babies and tots?  In this […]

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  • Christmas shopping

    Why is October Is The Perfect Time to Think About Christmas?!

    Mention Christmas in October and people look at you like you’re mad. Chances are you’ve done it yourself, and scoffed at the Christmas aisle in the supermarket when we’re not even had Halloween yet. But thinking about the festive season in December doesn’t need to mean putting up your tree, listening to festive songs and […]

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  • Christmas

    10 spaces to clear-out before Christmas

    #ad Christmas is a chaotic time of year, to say the least. Our lives become overrun with Christmas music, glitter and lots of colour. However, one of the biggest things we need to prepare for Christmas is the space in our homes. Make Space for Christmas During the festive period, our homes will become a […]

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  • Happy New Year

    What’s your ultimate New Year’s Resolution?

    The start of 2019 is just 12 days away and for many people, the New Year can’t come soon enough. I always look forward to the New Year and the chance to start afresh, as a family we always go out for a big walk somewhere on New Year’s Day to blow away the cobwebs […]

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  • Project MC2 Perfume Maker

    Have you considered these Christmas gifts for kids?

    Christmas shopping can go on forever can’t it, I have FINALLY finished mine which actually has been easier than I thought to bear in mind I only made it out on four separate occasions. I don’t, however, recommend fracturing your ankle to do rush shopping!! Whilst I was out on my last festive shop on […]

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  • What’s in our Christmas Eve box?

    For me, the excitement of Christmas is always the build up to it, the dark nights and searching for the twinkly lights. The Christmas markets, watching Christmas movies with the curtains closed, sitting under a blanket snuggled up with the kids in our pyjamas. I love seeing the delight on the children’s faces when our Christmas […]

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