• Kit & Coco

    Say goodbye to head lice with KIT & COCO

    If you have children of school age then you are bound to have come into contact with head lice at some point or another. I think we managed to avoid the dreaded little mites for the first two years of primary school with Little Bean and then around the time that I dropped my guard […]

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  • Weetabix Weetabuddies

    We’ve been making Weetabix Weetabuddies again . . .

    As children we were always told “don’t play with your food” but nowadays playing with your food is actively encouraged. If food is seen as fun, it’s more likely that it will be accepted and eaten and it is for this reason that Weetabix have created a range of characters called Weetabix Weetabuddies. You might […]

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  • ABC Design Takeoff stroller

    Top 3 Lightweight Strollers

    Boohoo, my ‘baby’ has turned 3 and the realisation that our baby days are almost behind us is setting in as I write possibly my last Pushchair wishlist. I’m starting to realise that I am now responsible for carrying my own handbag and shopping (as well as all the non-essentials the Beans insist on taking […]

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  • Apps for Mums

    Apps for Mums

    There are lots of apps on the market for soon-to-be mums, and new mums. Where you want to track your baby’s development and progress, or have some time to yourself, or losing the baby weight, there’s apps for everything. Apps on the market The bump, which is available in both iTunes and Android, is an […]

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  • Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral Palsy Facts & Figures

    How much do you know about Cerebral Palsy? I only know a little as I have friends with a child who was born with Cerebral Palsy as a result of birth complications, but I don’t know anything in detail. I was sent this great infographic to share with my readers which has lots of useful […]

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