• Stay safe with Thomas book front cover

    WIN Stay Safe with Thomas Story Books #staysafewiththomas

    Network Rail partners with Thomas & FriendsTM to teach children railway safety Network Rail has teamed up with the world’s most famous blue engine and pre-schooler favourite, Thomas the Tank EngineTM, to help children learn how to be safe when using the railway. Stay Safe with Thomas The Stay Safe with Thomas storybook sees the mischievous Thomas having […]

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  • Cats and Kids

    Cats and Kids: How to Maintain Harmony

    Growing up with a pet is a fulfilling experience. But when you have a cat in the house, bringing home a new baby can be an ordeal for everyone. Cats are territorial and reclusive. Loud noises that your children make can be profoundly disturbing for your cat. Your cat can end up lashing out at […]

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  • Water Warts

    Could your child have Water Warts?

    At some point in your parenting journey (numerous times to be fair) you will discover spots on your child’s skin. Some spots are harmless pimples, others might be insect bites, allergy rashes, eczema, chicken pox or warts. Will went through a period of having warts regularly on his hands as a young child. The Doctors […]

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  • Family Pet

    Intestinal worms and how to protect your family

    We only need to look at the faces of our children as they snuggle up with Bramble or play chase with him to know that getting a dog was absolutely the right decision for our family. Having grown up with dogs myself and owning four dogs in adulthood, I know the pleasure and depth of […]

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  • Johnny Coupe

    Our Chicco choices from Kiddies Kingdom

    #ad The Chicco Johnny Coupe remote control car from Kiddies Kingdom is the perfect gift for car-loving youngsters like Albie. Chicco has long been known as a brand with little people in mind. Their toys are bright, cheerful and robust – Johnny Coupe fits the bill perfectly. Meet Johnny Coupe A sporty, easy-to-drive childhood introduction […]

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  • Sore Throat

    Jakemans ~ Sore Throat Myth Busters

    Have you woken up this morning with a sore throat and are now contemplating whether it’s bad enough to go to the Doctor, the Pharmacy or to just tough it out with your own home remedies? For the past 8 weeks our family has been plagued by sore throats, there’s been the odd light sore […]

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  • #NappyHacks A Frank & Honest Guide to changing Nappies

    From Aldi Mamia and DadBlog UK Congratulations, you’re a new Dad! Welcome to the world of varying sleep patterns, the intricacies of car seats and cot building, and the one task that can truly be described as Herculean… nappy changing. With 25% of a family’s weekly child care now carried out by Dad,1 gone are the […]

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