• Flawless Skin

    Basic routines for your way to flawless skin

    Flawless, glowing skin is everyone’s dream. You don’t have to splurge money on expensive products or go to a spa to achieve clear skin. But following a simple skincare routine regularly and consistently will do its magic. The first step towards starting a skincare routine is finding out your skin type. There are three main […]

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  • Microblading

    Microblading – The beauty treatment for fuller eyebrows

    The easiest way to create bushy eyebrows for those who resent sparse eyebrows is to use an eyebrow pencil to fill the sparse areas. That creates an illusion that makes the eyebrows appear fuller. It is simply a technique of creating an illusion that has worked for ages. But you must have the time to […]

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  • Probiotic skincare

    Everything You Need to Know About Probiotic Skincare Products

    Probiotic skincare products have become a recent hype, and with good reason. Adding probiotics or good bacteria to skincare products are touted to bring unique benefits that only these kinds of products can provide. Read on to know more about probiotic skincare products and how they’re good for the skin. What are probiotics? We all […]

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  • Comfy footwear

    Comfy Footwear for Busy Mums

    If you are a mum, you will find that you will usually be on the go a lot and will most likely be run off your feet while looking after your children. As a result, it is important that you wear the right kind of shoes so you can get through your day to day […]

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  • Barrington Single Watch Winder

    Barrington Single Watch Winder Giveaway

    Barrington Watch Winders provide affordable, high-quality automatic watch winders to suit all types of watches. Every product features quality engineering with ultra-quiet motors and variable rotation and turns per day settings. Why use a watch winder? An automatic watch is a precision piece of engineering and, like your car or any other complex machine, it […]

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  • Nail supplies

    Quality Nail supplies at an affordable price

    Running a nail salon or beauty store is hard work. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your hard-earned money on overpriced nail supplies. Instead, trust in the quality and affordable beauty products that you’ll find at Capital Hair & Beauty. With options for manicures, pedicures and all things beauty, you can be […]

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