• Didriksons Days: rain, rain come out to play . . .

    There are times when you want the rain to go away and then there are those Didriksons Days when you want nothing more than for the rain to come out to play so that the kids can stick on their Didriksons Pani Jackets and have fun in the rain. Bright colours Lillie has the Pani […]

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  • Warm and Dry with Berghaus Kids at Blacks

    If there is one thing that we have learnt from our years of parenting, the choice of coat has the ability to make or break a family day out. We have bought the ‘fashion’ coats because the kids have nagged us and then on a day out it’s been tears and tantrums because they are […]

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  • Mac in a Sac

    Now you can see me! [Mac In A Sac – Review]

    When I was a teenager I would cringe at the idea of a Mac In A Sac or a ‘pack-a-mac’ as they were more often known. As far as us teens were concerned it was tantamount to being a full-on geek but these days they are everywhere and people often have more than one, I […]

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