• Pyjamas.com

    Elf On The Shelf Matching Christmas Pyjamas

    When Pyjamas.com asked if we would be interested in reviewing their pyjamas I knew exactly what I was looking for.  Every year at Christmas one of our family traditions is to gift the children new pyjamas on Christmas Eve (it’s our sneaky way of ensuring they all look nice when we take photographs on Christmas […]

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  • Quadrille Dress

    Traditional Jamaican Clothing: Everything You Need to Know

    Jamaica doesn’t only turn heads with its music, way of being, and exotic beaches. More than once, tourists have been mesmerised by Jamaicans’ taste in clothing. In this article, we’re going to talk about traditional Jamaican clothing, and they mirror the country’s rich and often tumultuous history. A Few Considerations on Traditional Jamaican Apparel They […]

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  • Gift The Personal Barber to your man this Valentines

    My hubby will tell you, I like a clean-shaven man, I put it down to having soft and sensitive skin myself. If I’m going to kiss my man then I don’t want to be left looking all red and sore from stubble rash! His argument is that shaving often makes him sore too so it’s […]

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  • Which coloured shirts do women find most appealing?

    Perhaps a wedding is on the horizon or a new shirt is required for a formal event. Whatever the occasion, when a man buys a new shirt, he may ask himself some questions: does it match with the trousers? Is the material of good quality? Is it suitable for the dress code? Something that men […]

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  • Denim jacket

    5 wardrobe staples every husband needs

    Men have access to lots of advice about what to wear and when. However, despite all of this, there can be very particular concerns for them to keep in mind once they have put their bachelor days behind them. If your hubby is looking to spruce up their wardrobe, recommend that he picks up the […]

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  • Trick Your Husband Into Dressing Better

    When you first met, your husband used to dress to impress every time you went out together. Now that you’ve been married for a while, things have started to slip. When you didn’t see him every day, you didn’t notice that he only has three shirts and he wears the same pair of scruffy jeans […]

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