• Dress Chic

    How to dress chic every day for your office?

    Get up,Get dressed, Run to work, Repeat the next day. Being an adult is tough, especially when you are working five days a week. After the excitement of your new job warns out, monotony starts kicking in!  Getting ready for it every day becomes tedious, and with time, many of us begin to be less and […]

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  • Diamond necklace

    Diamond Necklaces: The Perfect Accessory for a Night Out

    Have you ever had that moment in time when you have the perfect outfit but seem to just be missing that one “thing” to tie it all together? This is where my love for diamond necklaces come into play. There has never been an occasion where I was going out and about for a night on the […]

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  • Rydale

    Rydale Cross Neck Hoody review [AD-GIFTED]

    Being a family who spends a lot of time outdoors, our choice in the right clothing for the job is very important. I prefer to dress in layers because my temperature can fluctuate throughout the day depending on our activities and especially so when we go camping. I like to be able to strip off the […]

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  • Mother's Day

    4 Outfits to look Chic this Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day will be here before you know it so whether you’re taking your Mum out for the day to make her feel special or indeed you are the Mum being taken out, then I have a few chic outfit styles to help you look the part on your special day no matter where your […]

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  • Elf On the Shelf Matching Family Christmas Pyjamas

    When Pyjamas.com asked if we would be interested in reviewing their pyjamas I knew exactly what I was looking for.  Every year at Christmas one of our family traditions is to gift the children new pyjamas on Christmas Eve (it’s our sneaky way of ensuring they all look nice when we take photographs on Christmas […]

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