• Beanie Boy loves his Bobux!!

    I’ve never been a great lover of shoe shopping when it comes to buying for myself, given the choice I’d rather be barefoot, flip flops or boots (but I am trying). When it comes to my children, it’s a whole different kettle of fish! Little Bean has almost as many shoes as Daddy (he loves […]

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  • Kids One Stop Shop and B-Scene Girls Duffle Coat

    The first time I heard about Kids One Stop Shop was when I attended CyberMummy last year and they presented me with a bag as I walked in the door. Kids One Stop Shop is exactly what it says it is, a one stop shop for everything relating to children from the moment you find […]

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  • GloveClipsandMittenClips.com 1


    How often as parents do we sit at home and wonder if we can invent the next best thing that all parents will want to buy? Don’t you sit at home watching Dragon’s Den saying “I wish I’d thought of that”. And for my next question, how often do you spend searching the house for […]

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