• Boys Sandals

    Huge choice of Boys and Girls Sandals at Brantano

    Squeeee the Summer Holidays are just within sniffing distance and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to a Summer packed with adventures with my little people. We are hoping and praying for nice weather so that we can all pop on our Summer dresses, shorts and t-shirts and crack […]

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  • Catalogue

    Best Choice Children’s Catalogues

    Do your kids get restless when you take them shopping on the high street? Don’t panic, there’s an alternative. Shopping for children’s clothes and toys through a catalogue provides you with more choice than ever before. First up, you’ll be able to spread the cost of any purchases you make in affordable instalments. You’ll also […]

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  • #Qblogger

    Getting set for Summer at the Queensgate #QBlogger Event

    Long before I moved to Peterborough in 2012 I remember coming shopping to Queensgate with my Mum. The overall look of the Centre hasn’t changed that much over the years, new shops have come and gone, the clock was moved and there are more ‘Pop-Up shops’ on the lower mall but it’s still the place I remember […]

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  • Children's clothing

    Affordable ideas for children’s clothing

    Buying clothes for young children can be a total nightmare. The premium charged on the high street for kid’s fashion is extortionate, as just as soon as you’ve scraped together your pennies and bought them all the essentials then they’ve grown out of them and need new ones again. But luckily there are things that […]

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  • Saltrock

    Saltrock Review and Discount Code

    As 2015 was gearing up for Christmas we received a rather lovely offer from Saltrock to review items from their website and being a fan of Saltrock we didn’t need to think twice about accepting. Having a quick look through the site I managed to select items for Hubby and the Beans. They arrived within […]

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  • Roco Clothing

    Roco Clothing for Special Occasion Childrenswear

    When Little Bean was born I dreamed of dressing her in beautiful girly things, I imagined a life of hazy sunshine in cornfields and her running through it in a long floaty dress. Of course, daily life doesn’t always call for the long floaty dresses but special occasions do and there are always lots of […]

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  • Funky Giraffe

    WIN 10 Funky Giraffe Bibs! E: 13.12.15

    When Little Bean was a baby, we would easily get through 8-10 bibs a day since she was such a sicky baby. I used to hate it because no matter how many beautiful dresses we bought her, they would always be hidden by ugly bibs. Obviously we would try to buy bibs as pretty as […]

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  • Elfie Selfie

    Get 20% off your Elfie Selfie T-shirts!!

    If ever there was a time of year to dress your children in silly clothes, then Christmas is that time! I received an email last week if I wanted to try out the Elfie Selfie t-shirts for the Beans and I knew they would love them so I had a look through the family photos from our […]

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  • #LandsEndStyleStudio brings out the Sunshine . . . 1

    #LandsEndStyleStudio brings out the Sunshine . . .

    Just over a week ago the Beans, Nanna and I were invited to attend a blog event a little closer to home in Rutland. For those of you who don’t live around these parts, Rutland is simply beautiful. It is home to Rutland Water, one of our favourite haunts for family walks and adventures. It […]

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