• Millets Dog Walking Essentials5

    Dog Walking Life with Bramble – one year on . . .

    Bramble has been a member of the Mummy Matters family for over a year now and has settled in like a dream, it feels like he has always been here. That’s not to say there haven’t been teething troubles as any owner of pets will know it isn’t always plain sailing and one dog isn’t […]

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  • Gardening with children

    Garden education for your children

    It can be a task in itself to get your kids outside and away from all that technology indoors. But you don’t need to go far with them to have some fresh air — there are so many opportunities for fun and learning within your own back garden! Development in the early years For very […]

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  • children baking

    How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Winter Season

    As we are now fast approaching the winter months, no doubt your children will be counting down the days until the festive season. While this time of year is made for children, it can be hard for parents to keep them entertained with schools being off and the weather outside not always being great. Here, […]

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  • Coleman Fast Pitch tent

    Lillie’s Birthday Camping Party Weekend

    As Lillie’s 10th Birthday approached this year I’ll admit I was totally stumped as to what to do for her to celebrate with her friends. She’s had craft parties, soft play, rollerskating, swimming and horse-riding parties in the past. Now we needed something that was a little bit more grown up but still fun. I […]

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  • Paige Toon

    Paige Toon, a Pet Dinosaur and SUNSHINE!! #LittleLoves

    I would love to tell you that it’s been a brilliant week but I have struggled massively this week. On the one hand, the Beans and I have had some fun times together BUT there has also been more than a handful of arguments which I am finding really draining. Anyway, #LittleLoves isn’t about the […]

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  • 4 Tips for Entertaining Guests This Summer

    It’s always a joyous occasion when you have guests coming over, especially if they’re visiting after a long time. It goes without saying that you would want everything to be absolutely perfect for your guests so that they fully enjoy the time they spend at your residence. However, sometimes it’s just downright confusing to think […]

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  • Young Plant

    How To Get the Kids Interested in Gardening

    Gardening is great for kids to do and they love getting their hands dirty. The idea of watching seeds grow and germinate really does help them to develop their own love of the outside world and it also gives them the chance to learn a huge range of pruning skills that will go on to […]

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  • Outdoor fun

    3 Ways to Get Kids Off Gadgets and Go Outdoors

    With internet shopping, mobile banking and instant messaging, gadgets have taken over our lives, but it’s not just the adults who have been affected, it’s time to get kids off gadgets too. From toddlers using tablets to teens obsessed with Snapchat, our kids are always using gadgets. If you are worried about the impact then […]

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